22 jul 2015

Blessings to All. We’ve got several powerful aspects in the skies right now – some of which are kicking up a storm. For starters, we’ve got a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS formed between The Moon in Libra, Pluto Retrograde (13 Capricorn), Mars (18 Cancer) and Vesta (11 Aries) — along with other alignments. I’ll explain the Cardinal Cross, then Saturn’s position, followed by a discussion on what to do.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is reminiscent of the kind of energy we collectively experienced in April/May 2014. It’s a similar kind of pressure, that either leads to some kind of intense breakdown, or breakthrough. The challenge is a new one, however, as the players in this alignment are very different. Some of you will sail through this challenge remarkably well, smiling as you do, whilst many more are likely to feel this as an unexpected bubbling or building up of intense pressure.

The Moon’s role in the alignment asks us to watch the ways in which we manage the concept of balance, across different realms in our lives – be it personal and professional partnerships, collaborations, elements of finding inner balance, etc. Whilst Libra represents the detachment of the Scales of Justice, when unbalanced, it can swing wildly, even violently in search of a point of equilibrium. Emotions are likely to be unusually intense when concerning these particular areas of life.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, as it has been for the past few years, continues to teach us about our relationship with power, integrity, intimacy, boundaries, alchemy and the depths to which we descend in order to find our greatest hidden treasures – all in the realms of what the super-ego has been conditioned to define as ‘success’, ‘power’, ‘legacy’, ‘status’, ‘prestige’, ‘achievement’, and so on. Here the Lord of the Underworld questions your right to be at the top, and … whatever for?

Vesta in Aries, being the newest player in the Grand Cardinal Cross, asks us to discover and find our path of dedication, to some quality, ideal, person, or simply state of being which we identify as The Sacred. There is something to be given up here, burnt in the Holy Fires of the Self, before something New Emerges. Priestesses and other Spiritual Facilitators will be feeling this aspect with great intensity. Many will be reminded of their sacred Calls to Devotion and Service.

Mars in Cancer highlights the ways in which we act upon, or towards our goals, desires and wishes with respect to the ways we connect with the Mother / Familial / Traditional / Domestic spheres of life. Some may seek sanctuary in what is known, traditionally sanctioned / seen as comfortable – whereas, others may feel the pressure to break through/out of these constraints at this time. As the Sun is at the anaretic degree of Cancer (29 degrees), collectively, it’s a heightened time for our emotions, and sub-conscious impulses surrounding this part or aspect of our lives.

Very briefly – the Cosmos is also placing an added emphasis on Saturn, the karmic taskmaster. The Sun (29 Cancer) -and- Mercury (28 Cancer) trines, whilst Jupiter (25 Leo) -and- Venus (0 Virgo) squares to Saturn Retrograde (28 Scorpio). What this means is that we are being urged to look at issues surrounding Plutonian themes, i.e. power, integrity, intimacy, boundaries, alchemy and the depths to which we descend in order to find our greatest hidden treasures. The decisions we make in these areas of life now are bound to have a greater influence, or set the foundation for a longer-lasting legacy than we give them credit for. Bear in mind that Pluto and Saturn are in Mutual Reception once more, with Pluto in the sign ruled by Saturn (Capricorn), and vice versa.

The Sun and Mercury’s emphasis tell of a domestic, familial, cultural and/or maternal (Mother-related) issue that Saturn’s tests of discipline and restriction currently center themselves upon at this time. It may either be an exacerbation or an amelioration of the Saturnian challenge. Jupiter continues its lessons in Leo, with the energy of the Teacher/Guru emphasizing the expansion that comes through love, romance, children, the Inner Child Archetype, joy, creativity, sensuality and the like. Venus has just entered Virgo, the Virgin-Priestess, as it prepares for its upcoming retrograde (and back into Leo), in just a few days time. Jupiter squaring Saturn amplifies its intensity, and can signify the role of a mentor or teacher, or even a situation abroad that feeds into Saturn-test at this time. Venus’ role asks us to find practical, embodied, and materially grounded ways to find a solution to the situation we find ourselves tested upon. It may also involve a certain way in which we express our femininity and experience of sexuality/sensuality – or even in our financial/business affairs. The possibilities are endless – but it’s safe to say that Saturn’s position is highly charged in the skies at this time.

So – what do you do?


Cardinal Crosses, and just about any alignment involving Saturn are testing times/energies. As I said, some of you are going to sail right through this, but most people are going to feel some sense of intensity. My advice to you would be to not take your emotional responses to people/yourselves too intensely today. Many are bound to be tripping over familiar triggers, whilst others may find a general sense of ill-ease, or pressure which they can’t put their fingers on, much like a heaviness in the air.

Bear in mind that this is transitory – the intensity will die down in a day or so. Observe what comes up with you at this time, but do not feel the need to rush into a judgement or conclusion. Give it time, and give yourselves and others the space to Just Be.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Astrolog Screenshot. Text/Content © Bairavee Balasubramaniam 2015. All rights reserved.