Valentines Day 2015

Blessings everyone! I know that not all of you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or recognize it as more than a massive earner for the greeting card companies. I still thought it’d be fun to look at the love-centric aspects of today’s skies, whilst (those of you who do) celebrate the day!


Sun (25 Aquarius) sextile Cupido and Pholus (25 Sagittarius) – The Sun represents our waking Consciousness, our spiritual anchorpoint (so to speak) in experiencing and engaging with this reality. In Aquarius is focuses upon the expression of individual gifts, eccentricities, friendships and one’s role in larger groups or associations, particularly to do with altruism, humanitarianism, and other ideals. Cupido is a Uranian planet which acts as a combination of both Venus and Jupiter. Quoting Arlene Kramer, where “Venus means beauty, Cupido means art. Where Venus means love, Cupido means marriage… [it] is the planet of Togetherness”. It relates to the coming together of partnerships within a larger context, where the sum of two is celebrated by the whole. Pholus represents the energy of sudden awakenings, epiphanies, and realizations – it is linked with the energy of one who sees beyond/through the everyday.

The Sun sextiling Cupido at this time represents a harmonious possibility to find a meaningful love connection. It can just as well relate to the opening of your own Heart and Sacral Chakra, without the role of an external partner. With Cupido so close to the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius), some of the most powerful lessons will will experience now relate with Love in all of its forms. A beautiful astrological aspect to encounter on a day commonly devoted to Love. Pholus’ energies intensify the energy of this sextile by facilitating a great awakening or realization of profound truth (almost out of the blue).

Those with placements at or near 25 Cancer will experience this as a profound Yod, or Karmic Finger of Fate/Destiny. In the skies, we do have asteroid Varuna at 26 Cancer, acting as the apex of the Yod. Varuna is a Dravidian deity who was later incorporated into the Vedic pantheon. He rules over the oceans, the seas and the Water element in general. He is linked with Serpent Energies (particularly that of Lord Vasuki) and rainfall in Nepal, representing a more fluid, water-based connection with Creative, Divine Masculine energy.

Morever, this Yod is activated by a conjunction between Crantor (26 Capricorn) and Siva (25 Capricorn). Crantor represents the cathartic release that a powerful emotional declaration can bring – be sure not to do this for purposes of manipulation, projection, etc. but rather to simply express what resides within you. Siva represents the power of the Divine Masculine Archetype, but specifically associated with the themes of Formlessness and Absolute Compassion. Together, opposing Varuna and forming the midpoint of the Sun/Pholus-Cupido sextile, these energies ask you to boldly speak your Truth.

This alignment opens us up to the more compassionate, tender aspects of Divine Masculine energy – transforming, in the process our abilities to recognize, give and receive love. It can be quite an emotional roller-coaster as old emotions are churned up to the surface for processing, but the result appears to be a major cleansing and re-balancing of energies, attitudes and ideas you may have about the Nature of Love.


According to Kim Falconer, Eros (now at 20 Pisces) “evokes passions that ignore lunar comfort, Venus sensuality or Mars desires. Eros is not about relationships that make us feel secure. It is not about getting our way or winning love. It is not about commitment or harmony. Eros describes something altogether different. It describes the nature of erotic love”. Venus (now at 21 Pisces) deals with the very nature of our material incarnation on this plane of reality, all things tangible, physical, sensual – including our most cherished relationships. It can also refer to a partner who expresses more of the ‘feminine’ aspect in the partnership, and one’s own embodiment of that aspect within the psyche. Urania (at 20 Pisces) is the Goddess Muse of Astrology and Astronomy. Psyche (at 21 Pisces) represents our ability to make meanings, weave narratives and live by/through the archetypes within them. Iris (20 Virgo) represents the Rainbow Messenger Goddess who alternatively shows us the way to be lost in the pursuit of an illusion (‘chasing rainbows), or the path – when taken with a measure of balance and groundedness – that allows us to find true satisfaction (i.e. the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow). Iris is also a cathartic force that is linked with the cleansing power of tears.

Taking all this together, we have a powerful combination in Pisces speaking to us of the nature of loving, compassionate detachment. We’re asked to deepen our engagement with relationships of all forms, especially the ones that (in a good way) take us out of our comfort zones. We’re asked to let the relationship, desire or love connection of interest to take us deep into our own hearts, and to truly let ourselves Open in Response. The metric of success in this context isn’t whether a relationship is successful or long-lasting, it’s how deeply it makes us open and feel into our own humanity, and – at a deeper layer of it- an appreciation of something sacred within ourselves – that we share with the rest of Creation.

Some of you will find astrology – or simply communing with the Cosmos – a potent way to navigate your Journey of Love at this time. You will also find the opportunity to break out of old, constricting roles and narratives and into new, uncharted Waters as part of your continued spiritual evolution.

The opposition with Iris basically cautions us against swimming too deeply in the waters of Spirit and asks us to turn back equally to the material manifestations or circumstances prompting these deep emotional engagements. We’re also cautioned to not get ‘too’ hung up on the minor details, and allow things to work out as they will.

I saved a juicy little tidbit for last: EROS (20 Taurus) SEXTILES APHRODITE (20 Pisces)

According to Jacob Schwartz, Aphrodite represents “procreativity through refined expressions of beauty, sex and fertility’. In any case, her energies are linked to the Goddesses Venus and Astarte (and undoubtedly many others). (from ‘The Astrology Book’)

This sextile bridges the powerful union-through-intimacy that Eros can bring (and the powerful Union-in-self that heartbreak from a failure to ‘merge with the Other’ can also initiate) – with the desire to merge physically and romantically in a pleasurable, life-affirming way. Those with placements at or near 20 Libra wil experience this as an electrifying Yod of Sensuality 🙂 The closest body to this point is Askalaphus at 19 Libra – it is the energy of the whistle-blower, one who reveals secrets. It indicates the exploration of previously unknown, potentially taboo subjects within the partnership context.

All in all, the energies of Love and Romance are strongly lit by two powerful Yods and key activations of bodies such as Eros, Venus, Aphrodite and so on. It is a powerful time for the Heart to open and experience Itself. Bear in mind that this can happen through intense pain (such as heartbreak) or joy. Whilst we are all celebrating and deepening/furthering the Feminine Principle, it is crucial to also work with the energies of the Divine Masculine – in general, but especially at this time. There is a tenderness, a softer, compassionate side to the Masculine that more and more are re-discovering now, and today is no exception.

It is my hope that find that Deeper Connection within – and, if appropriate – with the right partner.

Many Blessings to you All on this Valentine’s Day,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Venus represents so many different aspects of our psyche within the natal chart: Femininty, material value system, frames of judgment/perception, et cetera. The emphasis that is traditionally placed on Venus, a.k.a. beauty and aesthetic refinement, are great examples of the types of cognitive / perceptual paradigms that Venus helps us to internalize, and therefore make sense of the world. Whilst she isn’t usually associated with the intellect per se (in the way Mercury is), Venus is the very ground that the intellect stands upon. The maxim ‘ I think therefore I am’ simply cannot exist without the categories of thought and coded nature of perception which Venus gives rise to. Venus also has a special relationship with relationships (as ways of expressing this value system – to quote Gargatholil) and with one’s expression of the anima (feminine archetype).

I recall reading Naomi Wolf’s Vagina: A New Autobiography, where she discussed the linkages between the sacral complex and transcendental experiences – she made the case that the female orgasm was linked to the ability to naturally access heightened spiritual states. Quite a good read – this was based on research, as opposed to personal experiences alone – the two made for a compelling argument.

Therefore, hardwired into the female body (sorry gents, but the male body doesn’t seem to have a parallel biologically that we know of yet) is this link between the Sacral and the Spiritual.

But what does all this have to do with Venus? Well…. in terms of medical astrology, it (unsurprisingly) is linked with the ovaries – and – as Ms. Wolf argues – the female reproductive complex and its activated state are linked with certain states of transcendental consciousness. A total death of the ego, a loss/dissolution of perception, and a mystical state of recognizing ‘One-ness’. These states break through the paradigms or perspectives that Venus grants us in its unawakened form.

This information is course, available in other schools of thoughts and spiritual teachings, and has been for a very long time – but I liked the way neuroscience (and its quantifiable, measurable, positivistic) research was neatly juxtaposed with ancient teachings – and the two read as one. I’d say Vagina: A New Autobiography should be recommended reading for just about anyone ….

So to me, putting all this information together – I revisit my understanding of Venus in astrology, and as an energetic signature in her own right. She is the Goddess of Beauty, of Fertility, of Sex, of Aesthetics – but also so much more than there. For hidden within her Sacred Vessel is a powerful, but little-known, bridge linking Venus with the transcendentalism of Neptune through the nervous-electric matrix of Uranus.

With so much of emphasis on Saturn/Vesta in Scorpio (a tremendous challenge to the Sacral at this time), I feel it is as important to look at Venus and what she teaches us at this time.

Release your ideas and preconceptions for a moment – that she means X, Y, Z and you’ll see – there’s just so much more to her that we’ve been led to believe.

At the moment, Venus makes the following aspects in the sky – the date/times given reflect when this aspect is exact – or in the case of the Yod, how long it is in effect for:

Venus trine Pluto Retrograde – 10:29 pm, 14-9-14, GMT + 8
Venus sextile Ceres – 3:40 am, 17-9-14, GMT + 8
Venus opposes Chiron – 2:19 am, 18-9-14, GMT + 8
Venus sextiles Ceres, both inconjunct Uranus (forming a Yod) activated by Pallas Athena: 1:00 am, 16-9-14 – 5:32 pm, 20-9-14, GMT + 8

I will be covering Venus opposing Chiron and the Venus Yod separately. A few words on Venus trine Pluto Retrograde.

Trine aspects facilitate the smooth flow of energy between two bodies. Whether this is a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ energetic flow depends entirely upon how you sub-consciously perceive and engage with the energy of the bodies concerned.

Venus (perception, femininity, attachment, sensual pleasure) meets Pluto Retrograde (power, sexuality, transformation, crisis) in the signs of Virgo (Mutable Earth) and Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) at 11 Vir/Cap ’01.

With so much of energy already focused upon the feminine through Saturn/Vesta in Scorpio, some might not even have noticed Venus in Virgo. Saturn/Vesta appears to be causing the most intense experiences for many.

Venus trining Pluto Retrograde can result in a profound recognition that the Deepest Truths are ones that are also, Beautiful. The Transcendental Wisdom of the Womb (as discussed above) is also an area that is likely to be of interest at this time. Powerful expressions of beauty, femininity, artistry and a full-on engagement with the ‘shadow qualities’ of the feminine (suppressed, repressed, hidden or unacknowledged) are also possible. An intimate partner may facilitate these knowing-s or re-memberings through the sexual act, or a profound sense of spiritual connection/communion. Ultimately the lessons you learn here are focused upon self-preservation and self-nurture – not only to feel ‘in control’ or ‘powerful’ – but to ultimately be able to go on your Path of Service. You can’t give from an empty cup – Venus/Pluto Retrograde can teach you how to fill it, adorn it, and enjoy the process.

Through these delicate, delicious sensual learning experiences, beneath the surface, a Transformation in Consciousness is surely taking place. Do not lose sight of that

In the more painful manifestation of this energy, you may find your sense of delicate femininity to be trampled by another, usually someone in a (perceived) state of power of over – whether this is the case is another matter. You may retreat to the purely material attachments that Venus can indulge in to avoid the spiritual transformation that Pluto Retrograde seeks to bring in through the modality of Crisis. You may fixate yourself upon the purely material as the spiritual transform through shadow-working Pluto Retrograde beckons you to do may simply seem too challenging — too threatening to the thought-forms and structures of perceptions through which you have built your image of the world.

The energy of Venus trine Pluto Retrograde is still fairly strong at this time. Allow yourself to find activities or ways to bridge the knowing of the Womb-Body with Spirit – Artistic expression, dance, music, drama are potential activities. Whatever you do, Create! and Bring your Spiritual Knowings into Life and Manifested Form.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information:

The Queen of the Womb, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 9-May-2014. [Digital]


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