MERCURY CONJUNCTS VESTA ( + CIRCE ) – The Priestess Receives the Message and Begins to Heal her Womb, Be-friending the Serpent & Transforming the Cosmos (Pt. 2)


Blessings to All. This is an exciting energy for all those who walk the Path of the Spiritual Facilitator, in service of the Rising Feminine Principle. Thanks to a beautiful conjunction between Mercury (The Messenger), Vesta (The Priestess) and Circe (The Sexual Alchemist) at 17 Aquarius, we are collectively opening ourselves up to powerful messages that can shape the Path of Service we walk on and experience, and to begin the Healing of the Womb. As we do so, we will also need to face some of our deepest fears surrounding the Power of the Womb and its Vulnerabilities.

Basically – It’s an excellent time to work with facilitators you trust, who can receive cosmic information as clear channels. Many of you will be ‘turning a corner’ in your own emergence as Priestesses, Priests, Shamans, Shamankas, Healers, etc.

I’m going to links to a few meditations and make a few suggestions before diving into the Hardcore Astrology – with Zeus, Chaos, Dionysus, Ceto, Achilles, Varda, Hybris, Toro and Circe (The Sexual Alchemist). So hang on to your hats!

In terms of meditations and practical guidance, I can recommend a few:

(1) Your Feminine Essence: The Kore of Female Spirituality –

By Marie de Kock at [Check out her E-book on “Heal your Feminine Essence A Transformative Journey Within For Women who Wish to be Free”]


(2) Naomi Wolf’s Vagina: A New Biography – Recommended Reading for just about Everyone on the Planet. [ Updated Version:…/…/0061989177 ]

Here we see the intricately woven, neuro-biological connection between the female sexual center, the brain, consciousness, spirituality and orgasm. Not a spiritual practice per se, but certainly something that can help you become more aware of Sacral Energy, and the Wisdom of the Womb.

(4) Gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Carnelian will gently allow you to work with these powerful energies. Essential oils such as Rose and Neem will also help (use a carrier oil if you’re sensitive).

(5) Deities: Whomever you feel guided to. Goddess Ishtar, Goddess Venus, Goddess Isis, Goddess Durga, The Serpent Goddess (in her many forms, and others, for starters.  Male deities/archetypes who honor their connection with the Great Mother such as Lord Cernunnos, Lord Shiva, etc.

What comes next in this article is a detailed narrative of how this Womb-Working Journey will unfold – using the road-map provided by astrological alignments. You are invited to engage with it and to take the time with as I am using astrological archetypes, couched in terms of spiritual, mythological and psychological narratives. In any case, the gist of the alignment is already summarized in the first 2 paragraphs  you have the basics of what you need to know there, along with practical guidance.

So – those of you wanting to go further, get deeper … and into the epic astrology of this energetic alignment – let’s Begin 😀


All of this wondrous opportunities for healing the womb are supported by a powerful Grand Air Trine involving Zeus (17 Libra) and Dionysus (17 Gemini) and Chaos (18 Gemini), along with a Sextile to Varda/Hybris/Toro at (16-17 Sagittarius). The more challenging aspects come from Ceto (17 Scorpio), Sila-Numam (16 Leo) and Achilles (16 Scorpio). I’ll explain what all of that means.

This is the third time that Mercury (The Messenger) has conjuncted Vesta (The Priestess) in the past few months – (1) December 23/24, 2014 at 10 Capricorn, (2) Februrary 5, 2015 at 3 Aquarius (with Mercury in Retrograde) and (3) (today) March 4, 2015 at 17 Aquarius. Mercury is also now Out of its Shadow Phase and moving full steam ahead! (Whoo!)

Look back to these two dates to see the full implications of the Message that Mercury brings to you now. Conjunct Vesta (the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing), the message deals with the archetype of the Spiritual Facilitator and the kinds of wisdom that S/he can help you access. As both these bodies are now in Aquarius, the focus is on how we can communicate directly with/through the Cosmos, via the Collective. It is a fantastic energy that can be used to reach out to kindred spirits who share the same spiritual values, mission and ideals as you, and to find spaces in which you can offer your individual gifts to a collective cause – if you are a facilitator yourself. If not, it is an excellent time to receive messages from facilitators, in turn.

I also refer you to Pt. 1 of this article which describes the 2nd Mercury (Rx) – Vesta conjunction.

Now… we get to the fun stuff 😉 – the deeper astrological narratives that come through and give life to this alignment –  Mercury/Vesta:

CONJUNCT CIRCE – THE SORCERESS! (17 Aquarius) Circe represents the knowledge of sexual alchemy and deep magic. Caution is needed here to learn how to use this knowledge in ways that empower the self and others, rather than to subjugate. The wisdom and power of this Sorceress is also present as a profound influence at this time and can represent a deep gateway to accessing the Wisdom and Memories of the Womb and Sacral Energy. Those who identify as male will experience the same, but in a different way. It is likely that you will know about experiences from the past where you have been involved with a violation of sexual/sacral/fertile energy in some way.

SEXTILE VARDA/HYBRIS (at 17 Sagittarius) and TORO (at 16 Sagittarius). Many revelations can come through a reading of the stars (Varda), and ones which help you reveal layers of egoic conditioning that keep you from seeing who you truly are (Hybris). We draw upon the energy of the Bull (Toro) in charging through those out-dated perceptions and ways of being – but be warned that Bull can also keep in place these perceptions out of sheer stubbornness!

Those with placements between 10-23 Cancer will experience this as part of a profound Yod (Finger of Fate). They are advised to work with the disciplines of astrology, astronomy, or simply ‘speaking to the stars and opening your hearts to the Universe’. These individuals will be able to learn a lot about who they are and what acts of facilitation they came to perform and experiencing.. If you’re interested in doing so with me, I’d recommend the Soul Portrait Session – .

IN A GRAND AIR TRINE WITH ZEUS (17 Libra), DIONYSUS (17 Gemini) AND CHAOS (18 Gemini) – Without going into too much detail, the Mercury/Vesta/Circe conjunction is amplified by the intensely focused, powerful Being that is Zeus himself. Mythologically, Zeus – as the Patriarch – has been involved in the sexual conquest of female beings, often appearing through various disguises and ruses. I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular theme came up in our sacral processing – irrespective of whether we identify as male or female or neither or both in this lifetime. Dionysus warns us of sensual excesses and asks us to focus upon these lessons and experiences with a certain degree of sobriety :D, not seeking to lose th self the process (which is very different from ego-dissolution).

And finally – Chaos – in this context, is not something to be feared. In its original sense, Chaos referred to the ‘Gaping Void’. To me, it speaks to the idea of a tunnel, through which something emerges. It is a beautiful metaphor that speaks directly to the Womb itself, or the Birth Canal through which New Life Emerges. Issues or incidents surrounding the formative years of childhood may also come up for many at this time. Don’t be afraid, just accept it as part of the processing, or karmic work, that you came to do.

Here we get to the challenging bits – Mercury/Vesta/Circe:

SQUARE CETO (17 Scorpio) – Ceto represents our deepest sub-conscious fears. In mythology, Ceto was the giant sea-serpent that engulfed ships – a motif that is echoed across the globe. It is here that we must face the fear of the Deep Ocean, The Abyss, and the nature of Serpent Energy. Serpent Priestesses, Ocean/Sea Priestesses, Priestesses who remember or who are associated with the sunken energies of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Kumari Kandam, etc. will all be feeling this profound energy – as they begin to feel into their Womb-Sacral Complex.. Some may also revisit fears of drowning, or other intense experiences with water. Transcending your Ceto, or ‘Making Friends with your Giant Sea Serpent’ is part and parcel of the Spiritual Journey. It represents a great milestone in learning to access the Deep Sub-Conscious. Ceto, the Serpent, is not something to be slain, but understood, and if possible, healed.

SQUARE ACHILLES (16 Scorpio) – Achilles represents a point where, despite feelings of invincibility, we bear our deepest vulnerabilities. The idea of invincibility in itself can be a dangerous one to hold in any spiritual tradition, as it often feeds into the ego seeking to self-aggrandize. To me, the warrior who knows his or her vulnerabilities is far more prepared, than one who does not.

In Scorpio, the vulnerability – once again – is centered upon the Sacral Chakra – and for women (and men in tune with this aspect of themselves) – situated within the Womb. Remember that the bodies we are in now are just for this lifetime – we are likely to have had memories and experiences of being other sexes/genders in earlier times. The Soul Remembers..

As we Rise and Celebrate the Feminine Principle once more – it is vital to honor both the Power and the Vulnerability of the Womb and the Feminine Essence that it contains. It is also counterproductive to engage in the narrative of blame, shame, guilt, victimization as we do so – as that only feeds further into maintaining the Wound, rather seeking its release. This is a huge topic in itself, but you can refer to my earlier posts for more on that.

Ceto- the Feared Serpent – rears his head here, showing you the places where you can spread your web of healing and integration onto:)

OPPOSITE SILA-NUNAM (16 Leo) – Sila-Nunam’s role in this picture is … less of a challenge that may frighten you … but more of one that can excite you. It opposes Mercury/Vesta/Circe and, along with it, forms a Kite that weaves in the Grand Air Trine. Ceto/Achilles and Sila-Nunam make a T-Square aspect to Mercury/Vesta/Circe. In some sense, you can think of Sila-Nunam as the destination point or direction that all these energies are asking you to walk towards. Please note that those with placements between 10-23 Taurus will experience this as a Grand Fixed Cross – time to shift what no longer works;)

Rather than running into a situation yelling Charrrrggee!! or using metaphors of battle where you have to ‘defeat’ the energy that you fear – Sila-Nunam asks you to take the opposite approach. This is where acceptance and love wields a greater power in integration and healing of the Seat of the Sacral Chakra (represented here by Leo – it’s amazing how many Sacral Activations are a part of this alignment).

Here we are called to Play with the Serpent, and hug the Vulnerabilities of the Wounded Inner Child. We are called to hold Him/Her in a Loving Embrace and to practice Self-Compassion, Acceptance and Serenity. Through all of the intensity of the other aspects, we are – at the end of it all – asked to come to terms with and find a sense of peace with the many layers and complexities of our Sacral Energy. And much of that will involve a processing of deep wounds and hurts.

What can result from this, is a profound breakthrough in the way you relate to this delicate, intimate part of yourselves – that represents the seed of your creative, reproductive, joyful and authentic Being! It is also here that you can find the gifts that allow you to Co-Create a Powerful Reality of your Choice, with the Cosmos (coming back to Aquarius and the Collective).

This is a fantastic alignment for all beings. Whilst there are challenges to be met, these will only help you find a deeper, truer, sense of peace, grace and healing compassion – starting with Yourself ❤

Blessings to All! I’m excited for each and every one of you! 🙂

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Page: Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Manasa, the Snake Goddess (6124609239).jpg – By English: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection (Flickr) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015



The Leo Full Moon was an intense one – we’re still very much within its energetic zone of influence. Against that backdrop, we have a potent conjunction between Mercury Retrograde (the Messenger Reversed) and Vesta (The Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing) at 3 Aquarius ’52 degrees. This occurred earlier today at 5:17 pm, Fen 5th 2015 (GMT + 8).

This Mercury Retrograde cycle has felt unusually intense as (previously) Mars, Venus and (currently) the Sun and Vesta have been co-habiting the same sign (Aquarius). Aquarius is doubly emphasized as the sign of the previous New Moon (January 20th) and the upcoming New Moon (February 19).

When Mercury Retrograde makes key aspects to other astrological bodies or points, it often brings us the opportunity to revisit, reflect upon and re-learn key messages or pieces of information. It can also open a doorway to look at something from different layers or levels of understanding. Mercury was the only being in Greco-Roman mythology to have been able to seamlessly cross over the the different realms (The Underworld, The Earth, Olympus, and so on). It invites us to engage with things we have already experienced, but at a wholly new level.

In this instance – it is Vesta whom Mercury opens the gateway within. So let’s look at her briefly. Vesta is the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing. She represents many things – the place where you regenerate your energies, a focal point of devotion which you may be called to ‘give up’ as path of your Path, a connection with the energy and history of Priestessing (and Spiritual Facilitation in general). It is usually a placement that asks you to take the truer path, and asks you to release the ego as part of the facilitative work you have come to do. Whether or not we use titles, or recognize the concept of Priest/essing – we all facilitate each other in some capacity.

So when Mercury Rx conjuncts Vesta, we may receive messages, insights, that will open new doorways to furthering our spiritual paths and journeys. These messages may come out of the blue, or be delivered in a fairly strange way (owing to the eccentricity and spontaneity associated with Aquarius).

Ultimately the message is one that asks you to discover the unique gifts, perspectives and abilities that you as an individual can bring to the collective. It asks you to look at the groups and associations that you are a part of in bringing this message. It emphasizes the medium, form, style and delivery of the messages that you bring as part of the spiritual work that you do. And in some sense, we are all ‘working’ – at the very least on ourselves – and that too is a valuable contribution to the collective level of consciousness.

Mercury Rx and Vesta both sextile (60 degree aspect) Saturn at 3 Sagittarius ’47. The message you receive now is part of a larger, slower, long-term process through which you discover your Spiritual Path and the way you embody that Truth. Your relationship with gurus, mentors and teachers will also transform by way of the message received today – this is not a bad thing! If anything, it may help you break down more egoic-understandings of what is spiritual authority – moving to a less hierarchical understanding of the guru-student relationship.

You are likely to receive this message out of the blue from a friend, a member of a shared spiritual group/charitable network/altruistic cause, and most likely by way of electronic media. You may also receive it whilst in meditative work with Spirit. Other possibilities are there, of course, depending on where the conjunction occurs in your natal chart and what aspects it makes.

Remember that the power, delivery and consequent emotional responses you may have to the message received today is still tinging with the aftermath of the Leo Full Moon, and with the power of the Mercury Retrograde.

Try not to take things too personally and do your level best to find a perspective that is both compassionate and detached. Save yourself the energetic hassle of assuming the worst, or reading too much into things.

Those with placements near 3 degrees Cancer will experience this as a powerful Yod that will also bring you to a very, very significant karmic crossroad. The path that you choose here will anchor (for some time, at least) the way in which you connect with the energies of the Mother and the forces of tradition, culture and other things which give you a sense of home and belonging.

The asteroids shed more light on the Mercury Rx-Vesta conjunction and what they ask us to consider at this time:

Mercury Retrograde/Vesta —

– square Bienor (3 Taurus): We’re asked to use our power and authority with integrity, and with a view to creating abundance not just for the self – but for the collective as well

– trine Lachesis (3 Libra): We are asked to realize that whatever is coming through now is not a sudden development. It’s been there for a while, and it has just now entered your reality, in full view of your conscious perception. You get to choose how to deal with it, in the present moment, and are advised not to get too nostalgic / attached to a past idea, or too fearful/worried about the future. Be here now, and see the steps that the present context requires.

– trine Asbolus (4 Gemini): The situation is one which can lead to surprising insight into facts about your early childhood environment, the perceptions you learnt then, the relationship you had/have with your siblings – or even into ‘seeing’ (as in the way that a seer sees) dynamics about your current, immediate everyday circumstances. Some of you may also find the impulse that the conjunction creates as a jump-start to projects in writing, speaking, learning and exploring different avenues of self-expression. Honor your intuition!

Remember — All that is happening now – especially with the role of Saturn and Asbolus – is for your spiritual development and maturation. Moreover, we have the Sun – Jupiter opposition (Aquarius-Leo) coming up in just over 30 hours’ time. We’re likely to get more insight as to the fuller implications and opportunities created by the Mercury/Vesta conjunction, and their sextile to Saturn in the coming days.

Have faith and let this energy unfold in as graceful a manner as possible. Know this this too, will lead you to new horizons, even if you’re not sure what they are.

It’s a beautiful possibility and one born of the energies of friendship – altruism – compassion and your link with the collective (Aquarius). Be thankful to receive this gift and all the doors that it opens for you 🙂

This message is likely to be revisited on March 4th, 2015 when Mercury conjuncts Vesta again at 17 Aquarius ’45. Mercury would have just ended its shadow phase by that point, moving at full speed in direct motion. I’ll address that in Part 2 – closer to the time of the second conjunction.

Blessings to all of you,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Louis Welden Hawkins (1849–1910), The Priestess [public domain via Wikimedia Commons]