Tier-23 Monthly Guidance Program

Tier-23 is the premier membership and subscription program that I offer. It is very fluid, in-depth, deeply respectful of spirit and the stars and shares my unique take on what the Cosmos is saying.

Each month, I share anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours (plus) worth of information with Tier-23 memberships that gives them a broad overview + day-by-day guidance as to how to best work with astrological energies and their spiritual connotations.

Please note that Tier-23 is a spiritual and psychic facilitation in and of itself. Hearing the sound and energy of what is spoken helps the recipient align better with the energy of what is conveyed.

It is also a phenomenal resource for budding astrologers and veterans interested in more esoteric asteroids and other bodies of analysis, e.g. Thereus, Okyrhoe, Hylonome, Psyche, Heracles, Vesta, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, Nessus, Sedna, The Galactic Center, The Great Attractor, and so on.

Each month the content changes its focus as the skies change their focus.

Be aware though, there are no shenanigans tolerated around this work. As a member, you carry certain responsibilities of conduct and rules of engagement.

If I find that you are using my material or accessing my energy in a way that does not respect the work and effort that goes into it, or in a way that trangresses basic laws of energy and compassion – you’ll be booted out.

Much like my energy, the program is not for everyone. And that is okay.

If you’re interested in raising your threshold of awareness and ability to integrate complex information, I highly recommend joining the program.

Here is a Special One-Time Guest Access to Part 1 of March 8-15, 2020. You can think of it as a free sample of the most basic level of analysis in Tier 23

Those expecting a very textbook, cut-and-paste approach to the skies will find themselves challenged to move beyond the box.

At the end of the day, astrology is a cosmic dance. One has to appreciate the perfection of each step and the beauty and intensity of the larger movement conveyed.

There are two payment options:

Monthly Subscription: 23 USD/month

Yearly Subscription: 276 USD/year

Yearly subscribers get a free 15 minute minisession (which is more than enough time for me to give you guidance for at least a year on a specific matter)

To join, sign up at www.theskypriestess.as.me

Payments can be made via Stripe or Paypal.

Please note that all information is subject to a strict policy of Terms of Use and Sharing that each member must assent to. Non-observance of these Terms will result in a cancellation of membership with no refunds.

Once you subscribe, you receive emails with the relevant information.

So … what are you waiting for?

Dr Bairavee

The Sky Priestess

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