plutos madness

Hello everyone. There’s a lot of energy in the skies right now, and a lot of alignments just about to go exact – of interest is a powerful Yod involving Uranus Retrograde ( 18 Aries ) , The Moon (15-20 Aquarius) , and Mars ( 16 Virgo ), a major activation of Pluto ( 13 Capricorn ) and Pallas Athena’s conjunction to The Galactic Center ( 27 Sagittarius ).

Yods are highly concentrated funnels of energy that take us up to a set of karmic crossroads, at which point we get to choose the direction of karmic growth we want to take. The energy of the Yod focuses this on a specific area of life, often catalyzed by what feels like ‘everything coming/breaking down together at once’. They can be considered both positive or negative aspects, depending entirely on how you choose to work the challenges that are presented and the sequence of events that leads to the yod’s apex or point of culmination.

This Yod is made up by a transit of the Moon (15-20 Aquarius) as it sextiles Uranus, the Great Revealer. Look for sudden, unexpected insights that appear out of the blue, or through electronic communications, social networks, friends, and non-traditional astrology. These are insights that ask you to work both with the intellect of the mind and the intuition of the sub-conscious. Uranus’ role emphasizes the same Aquarian theme of non-conformity, eccentricity, humanitarianism and working with the collective – but locating this more so in our expression of those Ideals within the Self.

Both bodies create inconjunct aspects to Mars (16 Virgo) and Jupiter (14 Virgo). These bodies have been teaching us so much about ways we can better heal the wounded Sacred Masculine archetype – and how this reflects our Journey on The Path Ahead. The Yod’s energy funnels through to this point, making it the tip or summit of this alignment. Here is where you choose an earthly, pragmatic, Path of Service that reflects the lessons that both The Moon and Uranus bring to you.

The question is now – How do you heal the Masculine within? How do you make that choice a part of your everyday reality? Is there a ritual, a habit, a routine – something that can help you ground this energy into your present/presence?

Jupiter may present the answers through a teaching or a mentor who can guide you, Mars provides the vitality you need to take action!

Quite a lovely Yod, seen in those terms. But equally, it can be quite catastrophic… That comes, more so when you consider Mars/Jupiter/Venus’ trine to Pluto (13 Capricorn), who is already being stressed by Juno/Mercury (12-13 Libra).

I call this the madness of Pluto. Pluto precipitates a crisis that questions our sense of inner authority and power. Our sense of who we are and the legacy we leave behind in the world is likely to be under greater pressure and scrutiny today. And being questioned about what makes you feel strong isn’t a pleasant thing any day.

Pluto’s stressors are its trines to Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo, and its square to Mercury and Juno in Libra. Venus, Jupiter and Mars have their own ideas about what to do in the here-and-now, what is the best way to deal with a hands-on, practical situation in need of focus, analysis and attention to detail. It may have to do with a daily routine, work habits, relationships with your bosses/colleagues, matters of health – or – more broadly speaking, something that nurtures and sustains you.

Pluto throws these daily habits/practices/need to nurture into crisis by asking you to consider the long-term consequences of the route you’re taking. Some of you might manifest this in a positive way, where you find ways to access a deeper sense of power, mastery and control. Others might manifest this into a tearful explosion of emotions.

The Mercury-Juno conjunction in Libra brings us messages from those who move us the most: our soul-mates. Whilst these can be parents, siblings, friends, lovers, partners, children, etc. – in Libra, they focus more so on partnership and relationship dynamics. This applies to both your profession and also your personal life.

Whilst square aspects are in themselves, highly creative – they’re the kind of creativity that is born out of intense pressure, a push, a breakthrough, a birthing. It can be felt as an intensely stressful aspect, especially when someone close to you (a partner) delivers a message that threatens your perception of the balance of power in the relationship. It’s hard to point the finger at anyone in this placement as Scorpio energy (ruled by Pluto) is the master of emotional projection (possibly second only to Pisces). You may also find conversations surrounding your career trajectory particularly difficult at this time, unless you’re willing and able to look at all sides of the picture with equanimity.

Mercury and Juno also tell us that it’s time to awaken to new ideas about balance and partnerships. Pluto, as crisis-oriented as it can be, does have his own valuable lessons to teach. He encourages us to strip ourselves back down to – the bare bones – where we discover and embody our authenticity in the Underworld – the shadow aspect of the sub-conscious.

As we are pushed downwards and inwards, we come to a discovery of a real point of balance – a fulcrum if you will. Here we begin to separate our ideals from the (perceived) reality of our relationships, and the balance of power therein.

Those of you with placements between 10-16 Taurus will experience this as a powerful Grand Earth Trine, whereas those with placements near 10-16 Aries or Cancer will experience this as a Cardinal T-Square or Grand Cardinal Cross (yikes!).

A word to the wise – step aside from the ego struggles and the emotional drama. Take a rain check from having significant discussions for the next few days unless you are sure all parties are on board, and able to handle the intensity of such energies. It’s certainly going to shake-up a lot of relationships, across the board. If you must engage, speak from a place of objective detachment (Libra – as best as we can manage it), rather than one of absolute authority (Capricorn), irrespective of who (you feel) is right or wrong.

In addition to all of this, we also have a bunch of other aspects about to go exact in the skies (North Node trine Ceres, Vesta’s imminent entry into Pisces, Vesta opposing the North Node, Chiron opposed Mars and so on).

There’s just so much happening now, in other words. Of note is the conjunction of Pallas Athena with the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). This is a phenomenal alignment that can bring us to a greater understanding of the Path Ahead. Bear in mind though, given the intensity of everything in the skies, the messages we receive now will be a lot more powerful than usual.

Bear in mind that my suggestions for handling this energy is based on what most people will be experiencing of it, in some form. Others will absolutely soar through it 🙂

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image ‘Pluto’s Madness, 2015’ and Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “YOD, AHOY! , PLUTO’S MADNESS & PALLAS ATHENA MEETS THE GALACTIC CENTER – The Astrology of 22-10-2015

  1. Thank you once more, Sky Priestess…Your reading affirms. I’m grateful to be in the 2nd reading (via audio this time around, Kindle a few days ago) of “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard — it facilitates the astrological power line ups that are manifesting…as always, much love & gratitude to you…


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