Discover the Song of your Spirit

Using a combination of astrological and spiritual insight, body-awareness, esoteric practices and the truth of embodied presence - my work helps you discover the Song of your Spirit. It is an experience beyond mind, intellect and conscious will. It takes you back to the truth of yourself, and where you and the Divine, are one.



Hello, Everyone. This is Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD: The Sky Priestess.

I’ve been called many things – Dr. B, Dr. Sky, Dr. Sweetie, Sky Priestess or just Bairavee.  All of that works.

My work is a very unique melding of astrology, spirituality, politics, activism, poetry and whatever else I find in my life. The common core is that I walk the path shown to me by Spirit. Cultivating that relationship with Spirit has been the conscious, dedicated focus of my life since 2013.

1236580_715022031846594_491488221_n.jpgPrior to that, I became the youngest motivational trainer in my country (age of 16) and began lecturing on neuroplasticity and providing academic tools to underprivileged minority youth. I was one of those accelerated, auto-didactic learners who’d finished high school at 13. As my political consciousness grew, I found that the country I was in did not have a space for my voice without wanting to confine it in some way.

I then began my tertiary education abroad, funded on merit-based scholarships. That led to spending a few years in the US, Germany and Europe, beginning my PhD studies in political ethnography at 20. By 26, I had finished a 110,000-word doctorate thesis on ‘ The dramaturgy of ritual performances in Indian parliamentary debates’ at the University of Warwick.

That sounds impressive, but what was more relevant for who I am now – is the fact that I crashed for a year due to chronic fatigue as soon as that chapter of my life began. I had access to holistic healers who helped me open the door to begin navigating my own emotions, and they spiritual depths they opened to. It was an intensely rocky process as it was never safe to truly be myself where I grew up.

Once I’d finished the academic chapter, I realized that it too was not what I wanted to do with my life. Answers came one day out of the blue in August 2013.

I’d gone to bed and the next morning –  I just woke up and knew how to read an astrological chart. And more importantly, to understand its limitations. I began writing and speaking on astrology and New Age spirituality, critiquing its uncritical regurgitation of the misogyny, racial exclusivity and hetero-normativity. Before it became more known in spiritual circles, my writings deconstructed the archetype of the Goddess as seen in New Age thought, paving the way instead for a far more gender-fluid understanding of Spirit and how that may appear in practice. God is not in the Gonads.

Also, my pronouns are she/they.

This led to five years of community-building work using Facebook as a platform. I got tens of thousands of followers, which was a big deal for someone who didn’t really use cute memes, SEO marketing tools or brand marketing. This website itself has had over a million views from all over the world. Ultimately, I left that space seeing how FB was becoming an echo chamber of negativity.

My work, once again, turned to the political as I found it important to raise issues of race, gender, ethnicity, cultural appropriation, and colonialism. It’s important to look at all of these dimensions of life and experience when using any tool for divination and spiritual insight – otherwise you just reinforce your biases.

I am also famous for cutting through the BS, de-romanticizing the narrative on asteroids that have led so many down the garden path in matters of love, romance and finding soul-mates. And for underlining the impact that asteroid Thereus (The Hunter-Stalker) has on collective levels of fear, stalking, violence and abuse.

The kinds of people who tend to find me for sessions, or who just enjoy my work are ones willing to look life without rose-tinted glasses. It’s not always comfortable, but it is real.

I have met some truly wonderful people who have become dear friends, collaborators and sincere well-wishers. I am truly grateful and humbled from all that I have learnt from so, so many.

Some of these individuals are featured in my ´Spiritbuddy Interview Series´  – here’s a favourite of mine:

18623474_1111328918971102_4849209506498185663_o.jpgThrough years of work, I have built community all around the world – and had the opportunity to go on many, many pilgrimages to sacred sites (especially the hidden ones). These led to multiple workshops (UK, USA, Australia) to help people connect with their bodies, the skies, the land, ancestral energies, the energies of the Cosmic Void and the Planet´s Heart-Beat.

Here’s a few videos you can check out to get a sense of things:

Since 2020, however, my mobility has been limited through to health concerns. I am in the process of slowly re-building my health and strength and thank the wonderful community who has supported me and my family – my older brother and our respective cat-babies through what has been ordeal.

The road for me is a deeply lived one. And one that continues to assist and inspire others.

* * *

What do I do?

Now this is a good question. Truthfully there isn´t a label for what I do, so I´ll make do with what´s available.

SkyPriestessI am an intermediary to Spirit, a Priestess whose work it is to help you understand the needs of your Higher Self, in alignment with your guides and other forces (as appropriate).

**For me Priestess is a Verb, rather than a Title. Any spiritual facilitator who works with spirit with devotion and dedication is a Priestess. A Priest´s energy is similar but works in a different way – and no – these are not confined to biological definitions of male and female. **

Much of the work comes straight from Spirit, and my role is a much like a postal worker 🙂 or sometimes, a plumber. I help you reconnect with the energy and information you require to live a life that is more attuned with your Soul, rather than your Ego-Mind. Sometimes that´s a case of helping you connect the dots, and sometimes it requires some energetic cleansing or the dissolution of karmic contracts.


Astrology is both the language and the conceptual framework which I use to explain what needs to be done. My relationship with astrology came from Spirit, not a human teacher. It was an instant download that allowed me to see where the system was open, broken, rigged – and where it can be overcome.

I do not believe in a destiny that is pre-determined, or one in which karma cannot be overcome. There is so much we can do as individuals before falling into fatalistic understandings of what it means to be here – human – alive – and embodied – and at such a special time in our collective evolution.

We cannot afford to continue studying astrology or divination in ways that pigeonhole the spirit into neat little compartments, or to present life as a zero-sum game.

We are called to step up. To allow ourselves the permission to transform these disciplines and paradigms in the ways that are needed. To depart from traditions that no longer resonate, whilst honoring what they did teach us.

And so, what I do is not easily situated into a neat category or label.

As it should be … in these times of incredible change

You can also check out some of these articles to get a flavour of my work and approach:

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Article: A Million-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (early work on gender-fluidity and spirituality)

To book a session, or join my monthly program, head to

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There is no need to play it small or deny that which you are.

This is the time to expand into the full Presence of your Being.

And as you walk with Creation, you align to that vibration of Abundance.

That is a Blessing – Not just for you  – but all that you interact with.

There is no Ego here. No Pedestal.

Only Authentic, Human Embodiment.

Directed by the Heart.

So let´s get to it.

* *

Blessings to All,

Dr. Bairavee, The Sky Priestess



* * *


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