THE BURNING MOON’S LESSONS – 14.8.14 – by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

The Moons Lessons

Vanakkam, Namaste and Blessings to All.

It’s the 14th of August here (GMT +8) and I’d like to tell you a little bit about what the Moon’s doing in the skies right now.

She is in the Sign of Aries, having brought us through a very intense end of a Pisces-cycles, related to issues with manifestation and cycles of intergenerational abuse. We saw many ending points in ourselves, and in the wider world around us, including the death of a beloved childhood friend to many.

The Moon encourages us to Assert ourselves in this sign, to find ways of doing things that no longer mirror or anchor onto the past. She tells us to Stand Up and Be Counted.

But she’s not doing so Alone.

She’s part of a T-Square involving Pallas Athena in Libra (opposition) and Juno in Cancer (square to both). Those with planets/objects near 2 Capricorn will feel this as Grand Cardinal Cross.

So the individualistic, breakaway impulses of the Moon in Pioneering Aries oppose the more strategic, focused, analytical and assertive energies of Pallas Athena in Libra. She is searching for Paths to Peace and Co-existence through the Mind, whilst the Sub-Conscious toys with the idea of Self at All Costs.

Both form squares to Juno (the Soulmate, the Essence of the Divine Femine as I see her) calling us to seek completion in the sign of the Crab. Home and security Conscious Juno may seek comfort in her place of origin, in her ancestral or familial home, or with spiritual kin she considers family.What She finds however, may a tense, or crisis oriented situation forcing her to make critical choices of who/what/how she values people, the world, her family and herself.

The Moon is also part of a Wedge formation involving Venus in Leo and Pallas Athena in Libra (same opposition as before). This time around, Venus trines the Moon and sextiles Pallas Athena, stating: Find the answers you seek, and a harmonious way to seek them through the expression of your authentic creativity and inner joy. Bring out the Child and let Him/Her dance.

Jupiter and Venus are already in a loose conjunction, to the blessings of the Benevolent Guru, the Granter of Abundance at available to you here, through this configuration.

Those with planets at 1 Aquarius will perceieve this as a Mystic Rectangle in Air/Fire Signs. Turn your talents outward, into the world! But always remember… Balance, Balance, Balance.

But at the same time the Moon forms an inconjunct to Ceres and Vesta, the Goddess Asteroids of Nurture and Priestessing/Tending to the Sacred Hearth-Flame in Scorpio. Here the fires of Aries and that quality of rugged individualism, striking it out on one’s own meets the energy of Scorpio through an inconjunct (disquieting aspect). Scorpio seeks to merge but as it does so, it seeks power and control. The question is whether it is over the self, or the other – and how it sets the boundaries between the two. Aries has little interest in those concerns – for, at the egoic level, it is all about ‘Me, Me’, Me’.Threats to losing dominance or power can be met by displays of stubbornness, selfishness (not the nice self-centered-loving place I usually talk about), and rash, impulsive decisions.

Those with planets/objects at 1 Virgo will feel this as a yod pointing to The Aries Moon. Sudden departures and partings may occur due to impulsiveness. This may or may not be a good thing, so exercise judgment in your dealings with others at this time, particularly those you do energy-work of any kind with.

The Moon’s inconjunct will pass through the Scorpio Stellium, beginning now with Ceres, then to Vesta, Mars and (which is loosely conjunct) Saturn.

She Teaches Us Much, this Aries Moon. The Mother of Fire tells us to … ultimately…. Burn Bright, Burn True, and Burn-only-as-Love.

Blessings and Burning Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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