The Kalimantan Haze, Breathing Life and The Himalayas: The Start of an Impromptu Pilgrimage

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Well… the past 24 hours have been interesting. I’m not sure if most of you know, but Malaysia and most of South East Asia are caught in a giant haze cloud of dust and soot. It comes from large-scale fires in the Kalimantan forest in Indonesia. The haze is so bad that the quality of air is indicated as unhealthy. Schools have been closed, football matches have been canceled and people walk around in surgical masks (the efficacy of which I question). The visibility is very, very, poor. And, it’s also making it impossible for me to breathe, given the fact I already have a throat issue.

Nearly choked, am grateful that my mum (the home-alchemist) had the right kind of oils to help me sleep and my brother (the body-worker/energy healer) know which muscles to untense to get my air flow going – and not … well … die . I had to switch rooms as mine is closest to the windows here (all shut, but the dust gets in). Not being able to breathe is a seriously scary thing – the loss of oxygen gets you dizzy and panic sets in – but in those moments, at times, you see/sense what absolutely matters.

All I kept feeling in that moment was the need to go the Himalayas. Nepal. Nepal. Nepal. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Go. Go. Go.

So, I took an executive decision – as fortune favours the brave 🙂 and am going to Nepal for 9 days 🙂 I’ve been longing to return to the Himalayas since I first met them in February 2014 (that’s when the pic is from). Everything just came together at the right time and place and I’ll be going there with my older brother Ashoka Mohannan

We shall first be heading for Lumbini, the birthplace of The Buddha and visiting Mayadevi Temple (dedicated to his mother, Queen Maya Devi), under the influence of the Taurus Full Moon (a sign, un-coincidentally linked with both Beings). And we hope to revisit certain sacred sites that opened themselves to me in powerful ways during my first trip. Perhaps new places, if they also call to me.

A part of me also wants to see the land after the earthquake, as a part of my soul truly calls it home. I’m quite happy that I was able to contribute something.

And .. quite un-coincidentally, Taurus’ energies focus upon the neck, throat, and expression of Will. Breathing is still tough, but the purer air will do me good. I shall be resuming readings from November 4th onwards.

Here’s to a Grand Pilgrimage 😉

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

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