The Eris-Uranus conjunction: Awakening The Feminine and Birthing a New World




Info on the Eris-Uranus conjunction 🙂 – what it means for us – and how we can best align ourselves at this moment in time.

Eris is the Dark Goddess – often associated with Chaos, Discord and Strife. There´s a deep conflation of her primal ferocity and the wide-spread structural changes required to re-integrate the Feminine into our Consciousness. Historically and energetically speaking, we need only to look at the thinly-veiled narrative embedded in patriarchal belief structures, myths and texts – to see where it all got muddled up.

The perpetuation of the idea that the Exiled = Ridiculed = Forgotten = Feared = Evil Feminine would bring about the downfall of Man is blown to epic proportions when it comes to Eris and Her-Story. More analysis in the video.

In realtime, there are many ways this Eris-Uranus conjunction can play out. It comes down to whether we approach this alignment – and all it promises – with fear, or with faith. The last time this happened, we saw the chain of events that set WW2 into motion.

This need not be the way it plays out this time. And that is dependent on the vibration of the collective, not just certain individuals or the ´ruling´ elite.

But what can we do as individuals during this alignment?

Those who need to ground out, or rest – do so.

Those who need to write or express their Soul  – do so.

Do whatever you feel moved to do- as long as you stay centered in the Heart Chakra. And if it is safe for you to do so, whilst respecting the principle of Free Will. I discuss why heart-anchoring is so important in channelling this energy safely.

Together, we prepare to Birth a New World!

This alignment goes exact in about 6 hours´ time! (3:53 am, UTC time, 9 June 2016) – the 1st of 3 exact alignments in 2016-2017.

Whichever way this plays out, the world as we know it will change.

May it happen in the most Loving manner possible.



Bairavee Balasubramaniam    ❤   ❤   ❤   

The Sky Priestess


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5 thoughts on “The Eris-Uranus conjunction: Awakening The Feminine and Birthing a New World

  1. Thanks Bairavee, so appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this powerful conjunction. Reassuring too and love your reminder about heart. My Uranus opposition began in May this year, would this make it even more powerful, chaotic, cathartic?? Big hug xx


  2. Ever more as I follow you, I am thoroughly intrigued by your insight and convinced more and more that my connection to the stars is truth. Signs and seasons of life to help understand and guide me through the events, emotions and actions I have so long known were my own cause /reaction affects but not why it was so powerful, why would “the Divine make me face such quandaries”? Truth is sadly, most often, not taught but buried under what we are taught to perceive, and accept as Divine. Divinity wants us to truly find it for ourselves, and when we do, Divine Truth cannot be silenced, only kept sacred, not shared as the “grand commission” but lived like a genteel secret that draws people unto itself.
    I Embrace Eris, always have, from a tender age. I was told I was mischievous, malicious even at times, but I was also showered with love for my strength to be happy and content amongst chaos. Perhaps this is the true gift of a dark goddess, not to let chaos and darkness overcome us, but to stand strong amongst the storms of humanity and life, and let heart and soul be balanced and strong as we navigate seeking the Divine in all things.
    Thank you for your gifts, your work, your encouragement.

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