Blessings everyone. Vesta (The Priestess, 21 Virgo) squares Saturn (21 Sagittarius) and Black Moon Lilith (22 Sagittarius). This is a powerful time in which we can re-consider the thoughts, practices, philosophies, material tools, teachers and spaces we use in Service.

Listen to your body and its urgings. Explore areas that feel solid, safe and grounded – and those that feel uncertain. Consider what messages your body is communicating to you.

And on a related note, refer to the works of Louise Hay. She introduced millions to the idea that we could heal our bodies by understanding the metaphysical relationship between body, mind, emotions and spirit. She passed away just yesterday.

As Vesta is prone to either obsession or total renunciation, try not to let your analytical focus get out of control. Remember to ground out if your mind goes into hyper-drive and stick with the non-verbals. If avoiding these questions, get a piece of pen and paper and start writing – or type – or speak into a recorder. Find a middle point of balance between thinking and feeling with the mind and the body.

Those of you who are prone to floating off into hyperspace may consider vetiver essential oil (and with all oils, research dosage, dilution, contraindications especially if ill, hypersensitive and/or pregnant). Those of you who feel the muck and density of the earth plane a little too keenly may want to try lavender or frankincense. But go with what you are drawn to.

Your path of Service is not just about whatever healing work you do, but also covers physical, practical and logistical concerns like the space that you use, the tools you employ, record-keeping, sorting out your calendar and so on.

It´s also about making sure that You – as the Vessel – are in good shape. So it´s important for you to take care of yourself and to re-fill your cup if empty (or running on low). Eat nourishing foods and drink purified water. Light stretches can also help.

That was the fun part. Now here comes the challenge.

Vesta squares Saturn and Black Moon Lilith, meaning she makes a dynamic relationship to both. Saturn in Sagittarius has been teaching us about the importance of honoring our Truth and following the Path or Teacher that shows us the Road to our Intended Destination. It´s also about authority figures and larger questions in matters of philosophy, academic, astrology, divination work, immigration, foreign travel, religious institutions, nationalism-citizenship-rights and political ideologies. Things can get dicey and pretty polarized when we come into conflict with multiple Truths and ways of articulating them. (Especially as Mercury is Retrograde …)

Black Moon Lilith refers to the dismissed, neglected, disenfranchised aspect of the Feminine. Her Path and Teaching is deemed too sexual, too dark, too dangerous – as taboo – by mainstream understandings of spirituality. There is some caution that needs to be taken here as the Shadow Feminine comes with her own challenges, wounds, traumas, and proclivities that seekers have chronicled in their journeys with Her.

Vesta´s question is then as follows:

Which Path to take?
Which Teacher or Guide to honor?
How does the Feminine feature in your Walk, your Work and your Talk?
Do you embrace the comfortable aspects of Her?
Do you see through the illusion She casts?

And these are profound questions. You´re not going to get a complete answer to them because if you did, your work here would be done.

One thing that I would like to address is the idea that you can become your own Guru. And that the seeker will always know the path he or she must take.

From experience and observation, I can tell you that´s a fallacy.

In other words – the idea that You Can Be Your Own Guru is a false one. And it stems from the dilution of the meaning of the word.

In esoteric traditions, the Guru was needed to initiate you into the safe experience of certain frequencies and vibrations. This does not mean that I endorse surrendering your Will to the Guru, but honors the Gu ru as a necessary gatekeeper.

Amongst those who still honor the old traditions in India, there are stringent requirements that one must pass in order tobe recognized as a Guru or Sadhguru. Simply using that title does not make a person one. And sadly, many do.

( The same with the term Yogi – Doing Yoga … does not makes you a Yogi. And I do feel dismay when I see the term used out of context with its original meaning diluted. Whilst terms evolve over time, let us not lose sight of their essence. For instance, read the biographies of being such as Paramhansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharishi, Lahiri Mahasaya, Karaikal Ammaiyar, and so on. You´ll get the idea… )

If you do not have a Guru, that´s fine. Open yourself to a Guide or Teacher who can show you the path forwards – especially if working with the darker aspects of the Feminine tradition.

Finding the right teacher is part and parcel of the spiritual journey. Teachers who walk their talk, who live in authenticity and are aware of what they know – and more importantly – the limits of their knowledge – are worth looking for. Experience of such initiations is key as is the process of taking others through them in a safe manner.

It is also important to differentiate between knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. Reading books is no substitute for direct experience. Being open and hypersensitive to vibrations does not means that one is ready to teach others. These are all important things in the process of becoming a Teacher, but it all has to come together.

It´s fine to follow people whose knowledge you respect, but finding a Guru – is a very specific thing. There is an alchemical process of initiation (and maintenance) that the Guru is then responsible for. And for someone to take you across the cosmic ocean, they must have traversed it for themselves first.

If your path is clear and you have a Teacher or Guide or Guru you trust – honor that truth in the material life that you lead. Infuse your philosophy and paradigm into the little acts that make the act of day-to-day living what it is.

Matters to consider, paths to discern, bodies to listen to. Service to go out and do in the world, nurture to provide – beginning with the Self.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Reblogged this on susanhintzepstein and commented:
    I woke up with the Shadow Feminine this morning. I happen to follow Hela, Norse Goddess of the Dead and She helps me to honor my own Shadow… There was much good to come out of my own journaling this morning on what had been disowned in me – the sense to accept my own existence and care for myself…


  2. You are always so incredibly wonderful:) Love your new hair by the way. It suits you so beautifully. Hope to have another session with you soon.

    Big hugs Kimberly



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