The next 8 hours are prime time for doing deep facilitative work.
The Capricorn Moon will square Uranus (28 Aries) whilst forming a Yod (Finger of Fate) with Chiron Retrograde (27 Pisces) and Mercury Retrograde/ Mars (28-29 Leo). I´ve taken the end of this powerful energetic window as when the Moon shifts into Aquarius. That´s at 8:06 pm, 2nd September (UTC time).
We are likely to make breakthroughs and to act upon the insights gleaned during the recent Solar Eclipse on August 21st. The opportunity to find spiritual solutions and breakthroughs in matters of children, love, romance, joy, passion and creative expression is high.
Give yourselves permission to break free from karmic contracts that no longer serve, irrespective of how old they are or whether they come through the generational line. It is wise for you to also consider those in your life whom you see as powerful and whether they are able to wield this power with integrity. You may also find sudden prescriptions or statements being issued by authority figures and institutions of power, especially those that lay claim to a certain emotional response on your part. This also applies to elders within the family and higher-ups at work. Be wary of those who seek to ´own´ your creative energies – as this does not honor anyone at the end of the day.
If you have astrological bodies / points near 28 degrees of Libra and/or Cancer, you experience the energies of a Cardinal T-Square or Grand Cardinal Cross. Pay attention to what happens now as you will revisit it between November 2018-Jan 2019 (next year). To the best of your ability, act upon the flashes of insight gained now in matters of career choices, questions surrounding legacy and interactions with elders and/or authority figures. You may also find sudden revelations coming your with with respect to who You Truly Are.
As Uranus is involved, the energy is wild. Electric. Erratic. and Unstable. Those who are not in alignment will be acting out bigtime, and possibly in a very public manner.
In addition to all of this – Mars/Mercury Retrograde (28-29 Leo) trines Uranus Retrograde (28 Aries), Saturn (21 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (22 Sagittarius) and The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). This creates a PHENOMENAL GRAND FIRE TRINE.
This is where you express – who You Are – what Path you walk on – and how you Express that energy in the World. It can also involve significant interactions with lovers, teachers, guides, creative collaborators, children – and of course – your own Essential Spark!
Look at the paths that emerge for you at this time and questions surrounding the role and form of service you take to get to your intended destination. Remember that Vesta (22 Virgo) squares Saturn and Black Moon Lilith at this time – see yesterday´s article for more information. Pay attention to the discussion there on the difference between a teacher and a guru (as the term really has a very, very specific meaning in the Indian esoteric tradition) – and how to find one. Link: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-2hy
That being said …
Be compassionate, but take no shit. Love is both the fire that warms the home but equally the raging forest blaze that burns down the trees to create room for the new. Just make sure that your responses come from a place of centeredness, to the best of your ability.
Remember that responsibility and duty are important things, but so too is compassion and emotion. Remember to honor the balance of give and take in relationships and collaborations and to know when to draw the line when you have done your part.
If working with a facilitator ensure that they have the required skillset, experience and grounding to withstand these energies and to work with you at the level you require. Exercising discernment here will go a long way.
Terms of Use and Sharing: Feel free to use the Share button on FB or Reblog on WordPress for personal, noncommercial or educational use with all links intact. If you are an organization, institution or individual seeking to use this material for promotional purposes, please ask first. If wanting to include this information into your workshop materials or written work, please cite accordingly. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel.
Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.
Image: Ian L, Scratched Swirl Background, Public Domain.


    1. I love how you call the Yod the “finger of fate” ~ If anyone wants to learn how to experience the Yod through your soul with grace and joy, you will find out on the next new moon when I speak with Bairavee Balasubramaniam The Sky Priestess ~ details coming soon ❤

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  1. Hello 🙂 🙂

    I have written to you previous to this, with regards to scheduleing something with you, however (of course) the way this hectic life can get, just hadnt yet committed to it!! However, It’s so important to say that I so very much look forward to your email blasts, filled with such insightful and intelligent information that allows your readers to think beyond the depth of our perceptions as well as teach us the I teram sting astrological aspects that many astrologers fail to include! I appreciate it so much and know that you would be someone I would be fortunate to have you provide me with your experience and knowledge towards me unraveling the intricate details that our natal chart provides each of us, as a map of unearthing (no pun intended!) our souls path in which we have set out for ourselves in this lifetime. Okay I’ve rambled on for FAR TOO LONG 😉 sorry!! Let me get to the point (besides letting you know how much I appreciate the time you take to write and send these emails for us!!) but the configuration of the planets you mentioned below are very prominate in my natal chart, and I have not seen much written in regards to how to interpret these configurations in order to understand how these will play out in my life , currently. I know your very busy but if you have any time to perhaps have time to help me with this I would Love your insight !! ❤️ So much love and blessings to you… Casey M

    , Sep 2, 2017 at 8:12 AM Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” The next 8 hours are prime time > for doing deep facilitative work. The Capricorn Moon will square Uranus > (28 Aries) whilst forming a Yod (Finger of Fate) with Chiron Retrograde (27 > Pisces) and Mercury Retrograde/ Mars (28-29 Leo). I´ve taken th” >


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