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The work that I do doesn´t neatly fit into any category or label.

I am an intermediary to Spirit, a priestess whose work it is to help you understand the needs of your Higher Self, in alignment with your guides and other forces (as appropriate).

Astrology is the tool that I use to do this work and the conceptual framework which I use to explain what needs to be done. My relationship with astrology came from Spirit, not a human teacher. It was an instant download that allowed me to see where the system was open, broken, rigged – and where it can be overcome.

I do not believe in a destiny that is pre-determined, or one in which karma cannot be overcome. There is so much we can do as individuals before falling into fatalistic understandings of what it means to be here – human – alive – and embodied – and at such a special time in our collective evolution.

We cannot afford to continue studying astrology or divination in ways that pigeonhole the spirit into neat little compartments, or to present life as a zero-sum game.

We are called to step up. To allow ourselves the permission to transform these disciplines and paradigms in the ways that are needed. To depart from traditions that no longer resonate, whilst honoring what they did teach us.

The way I work with each individual depends on what´s happening in the skies at that time and what that individual requires. Some sessions are friendly and playful, and others are deadly serious and deeply challenging. Each soul has a particular song that sings to it – and you can say that my work is to find the sound that unlocks that key to consciousness.

As I am speaking, whilst the person may be in front of me (or via skype or phone), I´m not addressing their conscious self. But the aspects of self that are unseen or exist in other realms or states of consciousness.

If you are looking for a traditional approach to astrology and 3-D matters, then you might want to look elsewhere as there are some wonderful people doing that work.

What you will get from me is an experience that resonates with your Soul´s unique frequency and energetic signature.

The astrology helps you to understand the work that´s being done, but truly the energy that is carried operates at multiple levels of consciousness.

Depending on your case, you will receive suggestions for spiritual practices, tools, gemstones, essential oils, teachers or referrals that will help you go further on your spiritual journey as a being incarnate in human form in this lifetime.

And it is such a special time to take this incarnation. I´m so excited for us all!

In some cases, you will have to face the depths of the shadow that you hide (most of all) from yourself. Do not expect these sessions to be light-hearted, because I will ask you to look at what hurts. And deeply so. (But you will still be safe. Just not too comfortable if you´re hiding something)

I urge those of you who are freshly recovering from trauma or are in a vulnerable state to also read this document: Why What I Do Is Not For Everyone – .  In fact, if you are a first-timer, you´ll have to read this before you book. It helps in managing expectations.

Here are the types of sessions you can book directly through my website:

30 minutes – 99 USD – General Session

This is excellent for getting insight and in-depth analysis into 2-3 questions. Be it on your health, happiness, marriage, career, relationships, relocation – and so on. It is best for 3-D questions which you need a higher or deeper perspective on.

45 minutes – 144 USD – Investigative Analysis

This is the starting point for sitting with yourself and exploring the hidden depths, gifts, fears and strengths of your being. It is wonderful for those who have struggled with certain patterns for years (if not decades) and many have found breakthroughs which then form the foundation for change. It is a better choice for exploring mental, emotional and spiritual patterns that have been hidden or entrenched : Shadow-Work in other words .

60 minutes – 188 USD – Discovery Session

The Discovery Session is a special type of session which I offer for newbies to astrology who want to understand their charts a little better. They get a firm understanding of the basics (planets, cusps, aspects)  and whatever other special features of their chart arise. This session can also be used to dig deeper into the more hidden or esoteric aspects of astrology (and asteroids) for those with an intermediary background. You can say it´s best for the astro-geek 🙂 or newbie.

90 minutes – 288 USD – The Middle Session

This is the session to book if wanting a synastry reading for partners, a parent-child consultation (astrology for teens & kids), an intermediate or advanced spiritualist wanting guidance on the next step ahead –  or if you have a larger set of issues you want to address and can´t seem to find the key to.

Please note that synastry readings require the consent (and ideally) participation of all parties concerned. This is a longer session as the energy has to work on the individuals involved, as well as the sum of what is created by their energies. I do not provide fixed predictions on whether your relationship or marriage will last, but rather what strengths it can rely on and vulnerabilities it needs to be made aware of.

A consultation for a young person, e.g. child or teen still requires their consent. Children are incredibly wise and they know what frequencies work for them. It has been my joy to work with so many special children who bring with them codes and frequencies for the New Earth. It´s not all love, light and dolphins as so many of the younger kids also carry very old programs that they (and their parents) need to be aware of so that they can better manage its dissolution. It is such a joy to be able to help a parent understand why, how and why their child came to be what they are and what karma they have come to work out together. It helps to have someone lay out general blueprint as we often have our deepest blind spots with the people we are closest to.

The third type of person who would benefit from the Middle Session is the intermediate seeker of spiritual guidance and insight. These are individuals who have walked their path for a long time and who need a different perspective to help them shed their old skin. We need to go to a deep / high place within / without to access the stored patterns and permissions that need to be released for a Being to walk more fully in Alignment with Spirit.

And of course – if you´ve just got A LOT of stuff going on – and need the space to process and learn – you can always book the Middle Session in any case.

Other information :

I use Western tropical astrology in my readings as that is the instrument that resonates best with the work that I do.

I look at Natal, Transit, Progressed, Relocated, Harmonic and Draconic charts (and combinations thereof).

A lot of energy goes into the preparation for a session and energetic processing and clearing afterwards. The time slot stated is just the part that you consciously experience  🙂

Clients have reported energetic clearings from the moment they book – and in some cases – for up to a year afterwards.

All potential clients must read, understand and accept the T&Cs of the session as stated in the invoice – and – the disclaimer which explains my modality along with who would be best benefit from my readings. This work is not suitable as a substitute for psychological counseling or therapy and it makes no claims to provide miracle cures to spiritual ailments. This is more for those seeking insight for themselves on the long road of self-understanding.

The sessions themselves are conducted via skype. A recording of the session is possible upon request. The prices stated are in US Dollars with payments made via paypal.

Check out some of the reviews on my FB Page The Sky Priestess for testimonials on past sessions conducted.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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** Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. Receipt and/or Payment of the sessions implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Invoice you receive when you book. All sessions are confidential, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-liable without exception.  You will receive an electronic link to an mp3 recording of your session at the discretion of the facilitator.  With respect to this webpage, the author shall not be held liable from any intentional, accidental or other consequences of acting upon, sharing, or engaging with this information in any form. Use of this information or booking, purchasing and/or having a session implies tacit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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