Pilgrimage – Equinox Musings … Things I´ve learnt from Master Manifestors

This ongoing pilgrimage of mine has been an education in so many different things. One of which is the way that those who are in alignment with themselves seem to manifest what they need, when they need it, as though out of thin air. Like magic, in other words. In fact, that´s how this pilgrimage has been unfolding for me. This a fairly long musing, so grab a beverage.
The individuals I´ve been staying with over the past few weeks have all been Master Manifestors. That doesn´t mean that they´re super rich financially (far from it), but that they always seem to have what they need. They do, however, lead very rich lives.
In them I have seen a willingness to give, without expectation.
They know (not just from the head, but every part of their being) – that abundance will simply be returned, if required.
An ability to truly live in gratitude, not only in words, but in energy – even when they don´t know what tomorrow will look like.
I saw this graceful ease, this trusting that things will simply come if they were meant to. And if not, then another way would emerge.
They took no one, and nothing for granted.
Every act of service. every little transaction of energy was exchanged or honored in some form, be it in kind, or in cash
They never dishonored their commitments to others – though if a plan needed to be changed, they took steps to bring things into balance
They never took themselves for granted, either.
They had the strength of voice to say, look – I require this in exchange for that – or simply – I´m not comfortable doing that
None of them had issues with using money as a form of exchange where other forms were not appropriate. They simply treated it with integrity. It neither controlled them, nor did they try to control it.
My general take on the question of money and spirituality is this:
  • If you don´t see people as walking piggy banks, and you´re not trying to make a profit to become the next Ebeneezer Scrooge or Ruler of the World, you´re ok.
  • Just do your job, and aim, if anything, to stay aligned with the Cosmos-Earth-Love Vibe and Yourself.
  • Set your price to whatever you need to live your life and your calling – and be brave to let that be as big, or as little as that needs to be (spatially speaking, at least).
  • The Universe has enough abundance for us all.
  • Your success will not limit the doors for another.
  • Be open to other forms of exchange (if you feel they work), or stick to what does.
  • Money is never the end-all or be-all of the kind of work we do. It can´t even begin to measure it.
  • It´s just a means to an end.
You will not believe some of the things I´ve heard from insecure (finanically, spiritually, energetically) individuals because they feel threathened by me travelling, or running a business that offers spiritual services, or simply being successful.
And after this trip, yeah, I´ve got a solid confirmation I´m doing what I´m meant to be doing. I wouldn´t have manifested this trip, or these powerful teachers and friends otherwise 🙂
My work is to travel the globe and speak. I´m not meant to be in a specific temple-space or a distinct location (not for a long time at least). But that work and the legacy it leaves has to (and does) go back to the land and the culture of my origins (The Tamil people).
If anything, I have learnt the need for even more assertion and the drawing of boundaries. I now see how introducing and openly stating a nonrefundable deposit or cancellation fee to cover operating costs is a needed thing in workshop organization. I have also updated Terms of Use and Sharing on my posts. I do not understand how people can use information that is provided for free to promote their own paid services (which I then find out about later).
So in other words, that voice that says – hang on a minute, why this lack of integrity? needs to come out. And to ask those difficult questions, or to simply draw the line. And people will flip out over it because they´ve been programmed to think being a spiritualist means you turn the other cheek and become the empathic, compassionate, suffering-in-all-of-its-glory doormat.
Christ is often pointed to as an example of this, but also remember his epicness with the moneylenders at the Temple. No, that man did not twiddle his thumbs when he needed to stand up and draw the line. That tends to get glossed over.
That being said, the Christ story tells us of the ultimate sacrifice which opens the kindgom of heaven for us all. Now that is an incredible narrative, and it makes sense … for an Ascended Being in the Age of Pisces. (1) Most of us ain´t there yet (2) The Age is Shifting .. into Aquarius.
Time for an update, methinks.
But back to this pilgrimage…
One of the things that my hosts have taught me, in practice – is if people hate you for you asking for what you need, or for being able to generate goodness, abundance and wide network of supportive people – then you probably do not want them in your life. They´ve got wounds to heal, and lessons to learn, but it´s not your job to teach it by being devoured or sacrificed in the process.
Trust in the stars, the Heart of the Earth, the Love that exists in the Cosmos to help them find their way (if they wish), and for you to keep walking on. Fill the cords (if present) with Love from the Earth, and send them back to Her, gently fading away.
But, taking a step back, you´ve got to wonder where all the fear around money, manifestation and the need to shame others who manage to find a way for themselves – is coming from.
Part of it has to do with the conditioning that – to be spiritual, sacred, or holy, thou must suffer and be at the mercy of the God. (Oddly enough the blokes that taught us that have temples lined with gold).
That paradigm that has unfortunately conflated the act of spiritual surrender with a pedestalization of victimhood, and an erasure of agency.
Karma is often seen in this paradigm as a ball and chain around the soul´s neck, rather than over-identification with a particular pattern of energy that can be walked away from.
By choice. (Go Aquarius!)
And I´ve saved the very best for last.
All of these lovely people whom I met, who took me into their homes and profound sacred spaces – were deeply attuned to the rhythms of the Earth and the knowledge of the awakening of collective consciousness. They were ´tuned in´, in other words to the Breath of Gaia and the Dancing Heavens. And gods with the Dark Mother. So much Dark Mother energy. I felt so at home 😀
Their physical homes tended to be close to ley lines, or deeply sacred places in the natural landscape, be it by the hills or the ocean.
When you´re reminded of that kind of natural abundance on a daily basis, the ego´s fear of ´will I get what I need´ melts back into the primordial ooze. The Land took care of Her Custodians.
More often than not, their needs to manifest came from a place of service – be it to Earth, or the Collective. Their immediate material requirements simply flowed into being, to support their work. And the children of these families are amazing to witness. I see (astrologically and otherwise) much that they will contribute in their own time.
In other words, these lovely people that I learnt so much from, and shared so much with, live a life of Service, Purpose and Integrity. And the Universe supports them in all that they do. It has been such a priviledge, and to be able to give back to that conduit of energy.
What a wonderful thing to see and be a part of.
Equinox Blessings,
Post and Image ´Glen Lyon, 2016´© Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved. Please see updated Terms of Use and Sharing Below.
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12 thoughts on “Pilgrimage – Equinox Musings … Things I´ve learnt from Master Manifestors

  1. So true, Bairavee. Some feel that we in service should be broke, give everything up, give everything for free – but I wonder how our own energy initially supports that. I only say that as when I first set out I would over give, because deep down, I don’t think I felt worthy (Lilith Virgo). As I grew and developed, I came more into my centre, developed strong boundaries…and since then, I have had few issues with people around these things. But if they do arise, they don’t wobble me anymore – I stand grounded. Personally, I feel the energy I gave off attracted a certain response in others – it’s been fascinating (as well as annoying and challenging along the way) No doubt I’ll have to remain mindful. It seems to be par of the course when you first step ‘out there’. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time in Glastonbury. Good for you! I’m in Fuerteventura. Got upgraded to an amazing 4 star spa, including food, overlooking sea. All white marble, sparkling and new, with vast blue skies. It was like walking into another dimension. The small, simple apartment I’d reserved had been overbooked so I was brought here and handed a glass of champagne on check in! To say I’m mucho grateful to the universe, is putting it lightly! Equinox Blessings to you lovely Xxx


  2. Are you going to do Tors Tours of the Tour? He’s my yoga teacher’s son – he’s very good xxx


  3. Love your article! Especially how you identified true personal power vs. victimhood. I absolutely agree with your thoughts on that. I’m proud to observe so much inner strength, integrity and goddess power in you. Awesome! Keep on following your path unerringly. You’re doing great. Inspirational! 💖


      1. You were talking about boundaries. “I have also updated Terms of Use and Sharing on my posts. I do not understand how people can use information that is provided for free to promote their own paid services (which I then find out about later).” ” They´ve got wounds to heal, and lessons to learn.”

        I worry about this kind of thinking. I find it’s elitist. It adds fuel to division. I don’t want you to suffer for the fear others have, but this Law of Attraction magical thinking is worrying me. We have a planet to care for, after all and 90% of it’s population has no access to the kind of abundance you and I enjoy. That’s what I meant by share. At a bare minimum, information should be available to all.

        I’m not trying to troll you. I admire your work greatly. I share it with people who would NEVER see it otherwise (yoga students in Helena, MT) and I cite you every time (though I will check your new Terms and comply or cease). I am losing some people I consider to be wise because they want more and more and feel it is a measure of spiritual success to have it. They want distance and gated communities away from those who don’t have it. Earth can’t support all of us in marble and champagne (not saying that was what you are advocating, just making a point). You educate us about heavenly bodies, after all. Those belong to everyone. If you draw a line around your stuff then we are back at to defending the grain tower at Ur. Spiritual regression.

        “But, taking a step back, you´ve got to wonder where all the fear around money, manifestation and the need to shame others who manage to find a way for themselves – is coming from.” The written history of our patriarchy is a good place to begin looking for that answer.

        I never intended to do more than add some links to beautiful animation to your post, but I respect your thoughts. I’d be honored if you tell me what you think. Am I just one of those people who doesn’t get it, or is it possible that in thinking only positive thoughts and manifesting abundance we might be doing the Ghost Dance of wishful living? Are you only going to use your platform to talk about PC, “positive” things? That would be tense, considering your subject matter is the Dark Mother.

        “Violence, oppression and destruction are not accidental glitches in the system, they are its mode of operation, business as usual.”~Miles Olsen from his book “Unlearn, Rewild”.

        Just looking for people who are seeing this the way I am, not judging you by sharing my ideas, but not using an emoticon, either. There is some real disfunction going on on this planet. I would like to know if it’s your intention to get personally rich about it. I am totally understanding that this is your post, if you want to keep it light, I will honor that, but I am looking for community, so I thought I would ask because you are insightful and I would like to continue to enjoy your work.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hello darling,

        I believe that information should be freely available. Which is why I have a public blog and I´m 100% fine with it being used by people who simply want to know more about themselves and to learn. (i.e. personal, noncommercial use). I´m very happy you share it with your students, and that is exactly why I write it – I want it to be shared with people who would not otherwise have it. But, let´s say you were using it to promote your yoga course, or trying to make it seem like it was written by your organization – that is where I would say, hell to the no. Hope you get what I´m getting at x

        I do find it unethical when someone takes a free service and then tries to charge people for it (for themselves). Or to try and appropriate it under their banner – i.e. for commercial use. It´s much like energetic plagarism, and a milder form of parasitism. Whilst I fully endorse the idea that information must be free, I believe the the origin and intention needs to be honored just as well. That´s why, whenever I post, I make sure to cite the source of my images (even if it´s public domain, or with the appropriate Wikimedia Commons license). Both principles – of freedom – and ethics, need to be honored, as I see it.

        I´m not sure whether I agree with the 90% figure you cite about access to abudance. I have spent quite a bit of time in allegedly ´undeveloped´ parts of the world, and truly… I think they´re a lot richer than most people give them credit for. If we measure wealth in terms beyond finances I find the ´developed´ nations, to be rather lacking …. The Law of Attraction does apply there … and quite successfuly I find.

        As for keeping it light, good gods no. With respect, I think you´ve misunderstood this piece – or I´ve written it in a way where it can be misunderstood, who knows which. What I found from these individuals I had the good fortune to work with was that they didn´t measure their richness in money. They embraced the negative and the positive with detachment, faith and a general goodwill to the Planet.

        If your question is, do I intend to become a multimillionaire with a yacht – I´d say why not? As long as I felt I gave back, and things were in balance – I don´t see a problem with it. If you give more, the more you receive … it´s a good prospect.

        Though it´s not a … personal goal to ´achieve´ that lifestyle. I just trust that I´ll receive that support I need for the work that I do. That´s how the show has always gotten on the road for me. If I need to have a huge bank balance to do projects around the world, I will – or I´ll get support from those who do have it and do it anyway. The money factor isn´t the deciding one for me. It´ll come or it won´t, but the work will get done one way or another 😉

        Hope that clarifies things , and that you continue to engage with my work.

        Big hugs, and Love ❤



  4. This, and reading your latest article (shout out to your DAD) very much clarifies the issue for me, or at least where you come from on it.
    I grapple daily with this whole law of attraction dogma making spirituality political. Ironically, the actual statistics on world poverty are so wildly divergent between the World Bank and the Oxfam sites, I am hesitant to cite either!
    I wanted to hear more on your ideas about true wealth and spiritual value–and I still do. (I suspected the piece was meant to amplify gratitude–no argument with the value of THAT). You have much experience with the concepts of “value”, abundance” and “wealth”.
    Thank you for taking the time to clarify what you meant. I am very glad to have found our site and have it as a resource. I will always cite your ideas when I use them.
    Thanks for letting me take up this space and I am really appreciative for all you do and offer to us for free.

    Still, when your ship comes in, I hope it’s an amazingly beautiful sailboat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww *hugs* I´m so glad we´re on the same page, and that you chose to engage in dialogue, rather than a knee jerk reaction. (Been seeing some of that … !) Though if/when that sailboat comes in, you and me are going for a ride on the high seas 😀

      Big hugs!

      Bairavee ❤


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