It´s a time where – whether we want to or not – are asked to navigate the psychic waters, channels or currents we exist as a part of. We do not purely receive energy, but equally emit it, from parts of ourselves known and unknown. In fact, most of the magic of manifestation comes from the deeper parts ourselves. In these dark spaces lie the roots of our power, and equally, the fears that seek to tear them apart. All situated in a far larger energetic Matrix in which we are all Interconnected (in other words, Reality as we may see it).

Watch for messages, teachers, paths, sessions/classes you are drawn to right now – whether they come through a book, a person, an idea, a random impulse, a TV set, your computer – these messages are of great importance. You can agree with them, or disagree, accept or reject them, and so on and so forth – the Truth that is within your reach emerges from your mode of engagement with these initiators.

Various elements that speak to different forms of energetic predation (whether from within the self, ancestral inheritances or external factors) are at play. I see Thereus (the Stalker), Askalaphus (the Secret-Revealer) and Sedna (the Betrayed Daughter) as significant cues.

Whatever comes up, be it an irrational fear, or an event – stick with your Center. That´s a place no one can touch. And allow your response to emerge from Within.

Some of you will be riding the energies and moving into deeper intuitive spaces, at light speed. Enjoy the dance, but don´t let it get to your head for there´s work to be done 😉

It´s likely to be a combination of all of these factors or experiences, and then some.

The Goddess speaks strongly through this alignment, particularly in her Darker / Heavily Projected Upon / Forgotten except as Phantasm Form – especially with the involvement of Black Moon Lilith and Sedna. Lilith has a huge mythology of her own – as the first wife of Adam who refused to obey him. She was then re-configured as a killer of babies, a bride of the Devil, and so on and so forth – everything that Eve was designed not to be. Sedna, on the other hand is the Goddess who is born of Betrayal. A young girl thrown overboard into the icy waters by her father – her fingers grabbing onto the side of the boat as she does her best to survive. Her father chops off her fingers, and they too fall in after her. The various parts of her body are transformed into sea creatures (like the narwhal) – and She becomes a Protectoress of the Ocean. There´s plenty of rich interpretation to be made through her mythic arc. The same for Lilith – and for any Dark Form of the Goddess.

The theme of an unfolding stream, be it of energy, events, information keeps coming back to me as I consider these aspects. Some of us may feel overwhelmed and flooded, others may be having the time of their lives riding the waves… It´s a hard one to generalize.

Just keep following those cues and keep checking back in to see if the stream you´re on flows where you want or need it to go- there´s always a different road that can be be taken, or a different interpretation of an experience.

Always remember the Power of Choice. The Power of Navigation.

In the calmest of times, and yes, in the most trying as well…

Recommended Mantra: Gayatri.
Recommended Stone: Aquamarine

Relevant Aspects:

The Moon conjuncts the South Node at 13 Pisces (and conjuncts Neptune whilst being part of a Grand Water Trine with Tantalus, Askalaphus, Vesta, Juno and Black Moon Lilith). This forms a Kite alignment, with the North Node / Minerva / Urania / Dionysus (13-14 Virgo) as the focal point of the energy.

The North Node, South Node and The Moon form a T-Square with the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius).

The Sun (27 Leo) trines the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).

Mercury (24 Virgo) opposes Chiron (24 Pisces)

Jupiter (25 Virgo) sextiles Thereus (25 Cancer) – those with placements at 25 Aquarius, keep your eyes wide open!

Jupiter (25 Virgo) trines Sedna (26 Taurus)

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Ilya Repin – Sadko – Google Art Project levels adjustment 2.jpg, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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