Things are ramping up energetically as we head towards the final Eris-Uranus conjunction (March 16-17) – they-ve hit a whole new level with the Virgo Full Moon just passed (March 12). There´s a lot fhat can be said and analyzed about these two, but I´m going to just focus on practical advice right now. I had this post up on my Facebook days go – as that was just about the only page that my ultra-slow Internet could manage!

Stay centered in your body, stay grounded. This will make it clearer and safer for you to connect with the energies of the Sky and the Earth – and they are both speaking powerfully Now.

Discernment is key, but groundedness is the precursor (especially when you´re in a human body).

Remember to pay attention to your Heart. Tune in to the wisdom of Love and let yourself be guided by it.

Look to the intention, rather than the words that come to you now. There´s a great deal of distortion coming through – feel through all that is said with your Heart.

If you feel someone is projecting on you to play out their own emotional dramas and/or karmic patterns – with these skies – walk away and let things calm (if possible).

Otherwise … enjoy your one-way ticket to Drama Central. Now Showing: Old Karma, Old Paradigms and the Vicim-Abuser-Rescuer Dynamic. Comes with a side of stale popcorn and flat soda.

Following your Heart does not mean giving room to these dynamics. Sometimes the Heart hugs, and sometimes it cuts away with the blade …. We often conflate the energy of the Heart with the romance associated with it through cultural stereotypes. This is a useful distinction to remember at this time.

Pay closer attention to the use of electronic devices, water leaks (especially in the home), long-distance travel plans, the general health of the head and eyes – and so on – this energy is pretty much a wildcard. For some, bizarre accidents may manifest. Just use a little extra caution if doing anything with elevated risks.

In terms of ceremony and ritual, personally I would say it´s not the time to go extreme with that- given how volatile things are. But it comes down to your Free Will and what you feel you want to experience and manifest. Some people can and will successfully harness this energy to perform powerful magic, but even then – its full effects may manifest in a way that is unintended or simply unpredictable.

Those who feel vulnerable to the point of breaking are strongly advised not to do anything spiritually intense at this time. This is the kind of energy that can rip you a new one. Again, depends on what you want.

If you feel an excess of energy – perhaps channel into the Virgo Moon´s other imperatives. Focus on your health, organizing your immediate spaces fine-tuning your tools for work and service, and learning to draw better boundaries. Gardening would be most therapeutic for many. Eat nourishing foods and clear your physical space.

If you can – drink water, get sleep, rest. A blanket fort will help.

Have space for quiet time – just for yourself. People are going to be pressing each other´s buttons, with or without intent. Sometimes it helps just to do a little sidestep – as it´s not really about you – or – them at the end of the day 😀

This is an alignment that involves us all but is far greater than the sum total. It will bring up personal challenges, but what is moving through is a far more impersonal force. Do your best to feel into it, but avoid over-identifying with it.

For some the challenge will be to set a boundary that reveals the clarity of the Self. For others, it will be the challenge to let go of old ideas of Self and let new consciousness flow through. Usually a mixture of both and entirely dependent on the nature of your karma, dharma and spiritual path.

In summation:

Just be you, that is more than enough at this time.

Honor your own experience as an embodied being on this planet, Right Here, Right Now

Job Done 😉

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

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  1. thank you!also nice to note the eyes comment, any guidance on how to soothe the eyes aside form closing them? or salt water?  I am a pisces so during all this, so am just laying low and trying to stay cool! blessings and love, Judith beshel

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