This Equinox and Full Moon at 0 Libra is all about Returning Home To The True Self.

It´s an alignment which asks you to stay in your lane, and focus on your self-work.

You may ask why – and that´s a valid reason. Why be self-centered when there is a world in chaos around you?

Because – that´s where the healing needs to begin.

Many of you interested in my work have a passion towards social justice and decolonizing the mind (and the world created by it).

I support this work fully.

Whilst you can (understandably) frame the energy of this Full Moon in terms of unfairness and the imbalance of global scales or the structural echoes of institutional wrongs…

I´d like to point out that there is an even greater possibility of change heralded by this Moon.

And it asks us to put away our scripts, narratives, conceptual tools – for a moment – to return to the authentic self.

That is a self, a spark of consciousness that knows no time, space, race, memory, trauma. It is the purest expression of you in the world.

And collectively – we have lost sight of that Primordial Self.

This is a harder question to navigate for those with genetic and ancestral memories of trauma, abuse, colonization and genocide. As so much of cultural identity is shaped by the effects of such experiences. It may almost feel like a betrayal that identity to say:

Allow me to experience myself, free from the narrative of the past. 
Allow me to simply be.

Even if for a moment.

And yet – this act can be incredibly liberating, freeing and healing. 
Not just for you, but for your ancestral line (past, present and future)
It allows that line to find expression of self, identity and culture that goes beyond the dualistic construct of oppressor and oppressed.

It does not ignore it. It does not try to mitigate what has been done. 
It transcends it through pure Presence and immediate Experience.

At this time, such work is astrologically supported by the fact that the Full Moon in Libra will conjunct the Super-Galactic Center (1 Libra). It allows us to rewrite collective contracts and notions of justice (and the karmic patterns that hold it all in place). It will also oppose the Sun (0 Aries) and Chiron (1 Aries).

Chiron´s energy brings us back to that pure potential of healing. To allow ourselves to experience – and fill the spaces created by The Original Wound. However that expresses itself for you.

Stay in your lane for a moment (before you head back out there with profoundly new perspective).

Get back to whatever activity, memory or state of being that simply allowed you to Be. 
In Full Presence. 
It differs from person to person.

Take that energy and sit with it. Feel into it and allow it to transmute old codes and patterns that have been held onto for far too long.

Allow both Gaia and the Skies to fill you with new life-force, energy, and perspective.

And then watch how you transform. 
And the many blessings you will bring to the relationships in this world, and the world around you.

Blessings and Much Healing to you all,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

w. special Guest Meena (my grandmother)

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