The energy of the skies is explosive, to say the least. The Grand Cardinal Cross involving the North Node (23-24 Cancer), South Node (23-24 Capricorn), Pluto (22 Capricorn), Eris (23 Aries), Moon & Pallas Athena (25 Libra) is erupting all kind of energies into the world. This is a very significant activation because it foreshadows the trajectory of our collective development, focused around the Pluto-Eris square (2019-2021).

Look back to the energy of the past few years – remember the Uranus Pluto squares and the Grand Cardinal Crosses that utterly slammed the planet from 2012 onwards? It´s the same kind of alignment, but we´re (ideally) facing it with a different level of conscious awareness.

Of course this energy has been building up for a while. None of this is something that cropped up yesterday. We´re going to be seeing an intense blast of energy through this alignment as

March 28 – April 4: Pluto conjuncts the South Node (23-24 Capricorn), opposes North Node
March 20-April 2: Eris squares the Nodes (Exact)
April 2 (Near Miss): Eris squares Pluto (23 Aries-Capricorn)
** Note – this square will be exact a further FIVE times in 2020-2021, all between 23/24 Aries-Capricorn !!!

  • * * This is a LONG ARTICLE …. grab a cuppa, prepare to take notes …..

Without exaggeration, it is safe to say that what´s happening between now and mid-April is a precursor to the way Eris-Pluto will break and re-make the world as we know it. It´s a profoundly transformative alignment, but one that tends to bring up a lot of collateral.

Lets look at each player in this square:


Eris represents the aspect of Feminine Consciousness which – when denied recognition or inclusion – can wreak havoc on the (patriarchal) system that excludes her.

In response to her (& her children) being excluded from a wedding, Eris essentially sets events into motion that lead to the Trojan War! (Google: Eris and the Golden Apple of Discord)

Whilst it´s tempting to write this as the wrathful feminine avenger – there´s also the principle of proportionality.

Eris´ reaction tends to go for overkill, which is the problem here. She doesn´t make change through reforming the system in a gradual way – she shatters it. (Which – may be wholly appropriate for a system resistant to change – it just means a lot more to be aware of for us)

A word to the wise:

Feminine Consciousness or Representation does not always neatly correspond with stereotypical depictions of gender. One who identifies as male can carry and embody the vibration of the Feminine in its compassionate form, whereas one who identifies as a woman can equally uphold the patriarchal system she has been indoctrinated into. It´s just not a clear-cut male/female divide!

There´s also a much longer discussion that I could have on how feminine wrath/rage is possibly one of the most popular spiritual tropes in vogue now. And how that trope easily pigeonholes people into (yet-again) deeply gendered roles and stereotypes. Whilst rage is sacred and has its absolute place and importance in the spiritual experience, it still needs to be processed and acted upon from a more centered place.

I remember a lot of discussion around the time of the most recent American presidential election. It was quite clear the winning candidate would essentially be the equivalent of the Erisian Apple of Discord. And many saw that to be Hillary Clinton, owing to her gender and a reading of Eris as a champion of the Feminine. (Which is not something I would quite agree with)

I had a hunch it would go the other way as she´s not the type to break the system (intentionally or otherwise) – instead, she´s a skilled navigator of the same system.

Irrespective of our views of the current American President, he fits the bill for the one who brings chaos – even using the inflammatory rhetoric of inclusion/exclusion. I would not see him (by any means) as an avenger of justice or the Feminine – but I easily see him as the Apple of Discord.

And I´m sure this is an uncomfortable point to raise/read – but yeah – Change is coming.


Pluto is of course that which can break, and re-make patterns of generational trauma, experience, and healing. Mythologically speaking, Pluto does not have the best rep with women (remember Persephone?).

I feel that the archetype and energy of Pluto changed over time, especially as more patriarchal narratives came to structure humanity´s relationship with ancestry, mystery, the Feminine and the cycles of birth, life and death. (Another very, very, long discussion).

Pluto deals with issues of health, surgery, medicine, healing, the reproductive system, the bowels, sexuality, death, grief, money, inheritances, divorces, taxes, insurance, abuse, powerful struggles, weapons, war, buried treasures, the power of death, rebirth and transformation – and so on.

It also asks us to get real deep – and to look at factors of illness and healing that come through the genetic line. I suspect that it also rules the processes of DNA transcription and reproduction at the cellular level. Materialistically speaking, it´s also about how we combine and merge energies and resources to create something new (and what happens when we separate from that union).

Emotionally speaking, Pluto sits buried deep in the sub-conscious. It takes work to get to the heart of things, especially when so much of what we consider ourselves arises through the work of epigenetics and early childhood experience. It is the force of life, death, sex and that place where the three merge – or separate.

Spiritually speaking, it concerns itself with the deep waters and hidden secrets of ancestry, shamanistic approaches, lower astral forces, the realms of the underworld, and so on.

What ties Pluto´s astrological influence together (at any level it occurs) is the fact that Pluto will get you to go deep. Even if it means getting you there kicking and screaming. Resolution to Plutonian issues of drama, control, abuse, ill-health can lead to cycles of rebirth and regeneration – but only if you´re willing to get into that deep Cave of the Soul and look the Shadow in the Eye.

In Capricorn, Pluto forces us to dig deeply into the internalized and embodied structures of consciousness which predispose us to play particular roles in power dynamics. Especially as they play out in politics, governance, economic structures, the 1% and institutions that keep the status quo as is (i.e. that which excludes Eris and her children).

It also asks us to look at the same work from the perspective of emotional and spiritual inheritances from our ancestral line. It asks us to be mindful our daily interactions and how they reproduce historical privileges and injustices.

It asks us to do a lot … in other words.
And it really needs to be done.


As per the ephemeris which I consult, we´ve only seen one other exact Eris-Pluto square series since 1600!: This was between 1906-1912 (23/24 Pisces-Gemini). In this time period, we saw significant political and economic changes across the globe – along with a consolidation or hardening of nationalist attitudes and rhetoric. We also saw the events that precipitated World War 1.

The Eris-Pluto square in Capricorn-Aries (2019-2021) takes place (interestingly) between 23/24 Aries-Capricorn.

What is it about those degrees???

Whilst I´m not saying we´re going to necessarily precipitate the next global war – we do need to be really mindful in these times. And to create more peaceful alternatives that incorporate the needs of more marginalized or oppressed groups and generally create a more equitable system of governance and trade.

We need to be more sovereign in our choices and to stop supporting systems that are corrupt or inflated on their own power and ego. We need to take our power back: at the personal and collective level. And in ways which actually make it fairer for all – including the Self.

That means challenging the status quo and ´conventional wisdom ´ that tells us that ´this is the way things are´. Not from a place of uncontrolled rage, but of more conscious response.

That might sound like an idealist´s dream, but reality is going to get very harsh if we don´t. Get to work, my friends!

The future of our biosphere depends on it.

Whilst the Pluto-Eris square is going to continue unfolding over the course of the next two years (and for years afterwards, depending on what we do in that time) … we see another opportunity and direction of navigation. That comes from the Eris-North-Node-South-Node square (March 20-April 2, exact alignment).

Whilst we´ll be feeling the Eris-Node square for longer than that period, late March/early April is when we´ll feel it most intensely. This is when we´re challenged to find our individual, familial and collective response to the challenge of inclusion and authentic expression that Eris poses to the world. Will we choose paths that lead us back Home? back to our Emotions¨Back to an examination of Ancestry?

Or will we shut down and disconnect – staying in the narrowly-defined material, political and economic definition of success that empowers the 1% at cost to the rest of the world?

How will we create a Human Family in ways that actually heal the past, rather than sweeping ancient injustices under an already-crammed carpet?

I wrote a much longer piece on this – examining the ways that people are turned away from each other and taught to lay blame at those around them, rather than the larger structures that shape their world in invisible, yet undeniable ways. I might save that for a later piece.

So ultimately – what do you do?


I realize that all of this stuff sounds super serious and dire. And it is not my intention to get you panicking or looking for underground bunkers. But you´re here for a reason. Your soul chose to incarnate on this physical-Earth at this vital time in its evolution.

Losing your shit and burying your head in the sand will not do a thing. Claiming that ´politics´ or being cognizant of human suffering isn´t your thing because you´re just that evolved … is … well … not an ideal choice.

It might be a palliative or self-soothing fantasy, but you´re still going to have to come back to these themes and challenges. And the bubble burst ain´t going to be a pretty one. (Hello 2020-2021)

At the same time – Being aware of the world and its challenges does not mean you need to feed into the karma-drama-gloom-and-doom. Shit´s going down, and it´s time to get real about your role in cleaning it up.

So let´s talk about what can actually help:

Developing a daily discipline, routine or structure.

I know it sounds boring. But it´s the kind of stability which the South Node-Pluto alignment allows you to create – and in Powerful ways.

Look at the larger meaning of your life, or whatever purpose you feel aligned towards. Let it be something that truly means something to you – and the way you navigate (or challenge, or both) the power structures on this planet.

Write down your key priorities.

Make sure you make time for:

  • Breath-work / Meditation
  • Spiritual Purification
  • Physical Maintenance
  • Emotional Self-Care
  • Maintaining Family Bonds
  • Inner Psychological Exploration
  • Journalling
  • Your 9-5-what-pays-the-bills-job (if applicable)
  • Learning something New
  • Understanding what´s happening in the world
  • Doing something purely for fun
  • Creating something new and exciting
  • Meeting friends
  • Supporting people and causes that truly support you
  • Altruistic Work / Community Engagement
  • Sleep
  • Proper Hydration
  • Proper Nutrition (Probiotics for the win!)

These are the basics of what each one of us needs to sustain ourselves – and be functional enough to handle the intensity, opportunity and challenge of these times.

Don´t try to find perfect answers to this list. There aren´t any.

Feel free to add anything extra in your own list (as a category of being, doing, etc. you feel is important).

And make the time to do each.

And it gets a lot more complicated if you´re a parent, or a carer for family / elders / those who need an extra hand. But even if it´s 5 minutes a day … try and symbolically integrate these different categories of maintenance, self-care, and engagement.

Which is why taking a more structured approach to it truly helps. It lets you focus on things in the time and space you have for it.

Being able to say – I can spend X amount of time doing Y thing helps you understand where your (current) limits are. And who knows, you may surpass your expectations.

Ultimately – There´s a delicate balance that needs to be found here in feeling, being, sensing and acting, doing, manifesting. Creating a schedule around these themes helps you bring that balance into a more concrete vision.

Strive for that balance. And when you can, do what you can to contribute towards a better world. There´s so much to be done, and so many willing to do it.

In fact, finding that balance is how – astrologically speaking – we´re most likely to survive this Aries-Capricorn-Cancer activation. Look at the lessons of Libra and what it teaches us all.

When we are willing to look at the immensity of this work without immediately reacting to it, we see greater scope for change. But that first requires some level of self-understanding.

As I said for the Equinox/Full Moon in Libra – take the time to just Be. Understand your role in things, and then begin to look back at the larger picture. We still see a tremendous force for healing (Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries) at this time that emerges when we truly begin to understand ourselves, our personalities, desires, ego-mind constructs and values. Some of these will have been shaped by the very institutions and power-scripts that we need to challenge (even at an ancestral level).

Without taking that first step of self-acknowledgement – how can we expect to find a just balance for All? Without challenging our personal dependence or reliance or attachment to certain patterns of historical injustice or oppression- how are we supposed to do this work with others in the world?

Look at your role in all of this.

When you´re ready …
Hold Space.
Look at different points of view.
Including your own
Come to a considered decision.
Be just.
And you´ll find your natural expression of Grace.
(It looks different for each person).

You´re going to be returning to this energetic dance throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021. Take heed and structure your life in such a way that helps you sustainably engage with the world.

There are different ways of finding resolutions to these age-old conflicts and power differentials. But it´s going to need to come from a different way of seeing the world. And that doesn´t come from reaction and fanning the flames of hate.

I look to New Zealand and its empowered and inspiring leadership in response to the recent attack on a religious institution. It does not matter what you believe in (or not), but targeting people when they are in a moment of vulnerability and surrender to their understanding of the Divine is … horrific.

As poignant as the events of that day were, I look to the many ways that different communities are coming together to support those affected. I look to political leadership that values the protection of all its people and is able to show empathy and sensitivity at a time of great pain. And how attention was taken away from the perpetrator of such hate – and given instead to the community in grief, in need of support – and healing. That´s the way we come together.

Let´s aspire towards that kind of leadership and values. Without requiring those changes to be precipitated by such violence and horror.

Let´s find a way to evolve that doesn´t have to be forced by the hand of pain and trauma. But rather by free will, true empathy and conscious, sovereign choice.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, I can’t believe I’m apart of this journey. Blessings and love to you for your amazing gift 🙏🏻✨😉


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