The Scorpio Sun is sextiled Saturn (15′ 59 Capricorn) and trined Neptune Rx (16’1 Pisces). Saturn and Neptune are also sextiled.

These alignments bring us profound opportunities to develop a life structure and experience a deeper frequency aligned with Spirit. Not just in your own story, but in the story we weave with the planet as a whole.

The possibilities of how this will unfold for you are endless. Some are called to take decisive action and dissolve outdated bindings and structures. Others are called to build and invest into structures, callings and commitments that do align. Some are simply asked to sit in the wonder of being and not-knowing.

It comes down to your path and the level of consciousness you embody. As Saturn and Neptune are involved in their home signs, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a Key Moment in our Personal and Collective Evolution.

The energy supports us in breaking through and shifting the seemingly impossible. That takes all hands on deck, with each individual addressing different aspects of the macrocosm through the microcosm of individual lives and trajectories.

Refer to yesterday’s piece on ‘The Wonder of November’ to see just how important this alignment is in context of larger energies coming through. There’s a major occultation of Mercury, Full Moon conjunct Vesta trined Pluto and alignments of Jupiter & Venus to the Galactic Center coming up.

Those with aspects near 13-19 Gemini / Leo will experience a Yod or Finger of Fate. Be prepared to respond to sudden situations involving siblings, children, marriage / long-term partners, creative collaborators and so on.

It’s hard to generalize further on what this can bring for you as it is so dependent upon your spiritual journey and relationship with the concept of karma. Some will try to entrench old dynamics, others will dissolve them.

Some of you may feel more anxiety as Mercury Rx (22’34 Scorpio) squares Thereus (22’34 Leo), triggering aspects of our deepest fears and vulnerabilities. Witness with compassion and channel your energy into creative expression and transmutation.

And if all else seems too tough, Breathe.

Just breathe.

This is a profoundly creative energy that can manifest wonders if you work with the flow of the Universe as it moves through and around you.

Co-create a life you can sustainably enjoy, rather than one you have to endure.

And remember, revisit yesterday’s piece for greater context.

The Wonder That Is November 2019:

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