At this time, we are participating in energetic dynamics that seek to locate us on the abuser-victim spectrum. This is unlikely to be a conscious choice, operating instead from a far deeper level of being.

Whilst the intellectual repackaging of some of these terms can bring comfort – and in some cases, a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel – the underlying energetic signature of words such as ´victim´ and ´abuser´ remains unless addressed.

The vibration of abuse and trauma remains in the memory of the body and its cells unless shifted. Whilst the mind can seek to evade it, at times like this the truth hits home … hard.

In astrological terms, all of this comes up for processing as Sun squares Thereus, whilst Jupiter trines Nessus and The Moon.

Thereus is the hunter-stalker of bears and essentially hides out and conducts surveillance on his prey until he wants to claim them. In mythology, he essentially rapes his wife´s sister and cuts out her tongue so she cannot tell anyone what happened.

Nessus is often called as the ´abuser´s asteroid´. In mythology, he seeks to kidnap the wife of Hercules – who then shoots him dead. Nessus tricks Dejanira into using his spilt blood as a means to keep her husband faithful to her – it eventually leads to Hercules´ death.

Neither Thereus, nor Nessus are particularly joyful fellows and both of them seek to predate upon unwilling feminine sexual energy. But it also goes beyond gender (without seeking to minimize the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment that gets increasingly normalized day by day).

Depending on where Thereus and Nessus occur in a chart, these predatory forces may not directly come through a person you know or meet, but can equally arise from other spiritual forces, ancestral channels, or even our own subconscious fears. Not everything you fear is automatically a product of your own imagination – sometimes you need a decent facilitator to suss out whether there are external factors at play.

Some of you will be feeling totally fine through this – but .. if you´re psychically sensitive and in tune with the general currents of the Universe, I find that unlikely.

Whilst the need for psychic protection is higher than usual with Jupiter in Scorpio, is it especially high today with the Sun (7 Scorpio) squared Thereus (7 Leo) and Jupiter (4 Scorpio) trined Nessus (4 Pisces – now conjunct the Moon).

You may see these dynamics arising through or with sexual partners, love interests, creative collaborators, friends, family members (including those deceased), children, investors, artists, spiritualists, and so on. It´s hard one to narrow down, especially with Nessus in the blurry waters of Pisces and Thereus´ penchant for staying hidden till he wants to be seen.

Use gemstones like selenite, black obsidian, brandenburg amethyst, amber, tiger´s eye, black tourmaline, labradorite, elite noble shungite and so on to make crystal grids in your space or around your person.

For practitioners – work with guides and deities you have previously worked with before and know to be safe. If in doubt, Archangel Michael is a powerful go-to-being for matters such as these.

Diffuse protective oils and/or smudge herbs or resins with similar properties: benzoin, frankincense, tea tree, camphor, eucalyptus, lime, black pepper, neem, and so on.

This is a very powerful mantra to play when feeling unsafe, or when wanting to clear space (leave it on and go and do your stuff – not something for personal, continuous use): . You can read a little bit more info Prathyangira Devi (The Lion Goddess) in the description.

Last but not least, this is the time to stay clear of those who seek to invade your energetic space or push your buttons. It is entirely possible for you to be also projecting these fears on those who mean you no harm or ill will. Not the best days for deep energetic work or processing unless you can trust your facilitator / space-holder.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess
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