Some of the most successful energetic predators appear as the wisest teachers, the sincerest seekers, the strongest leaders (or bullies) or as the most vulnerable victims.

The common mechanism appears to the projection of a certain role that has an influence on another person´s psyche, i.e. whether it is able to ´hook´ the other.

This could appear as:

The Alpha
The Charismatic Guru
The Passive-Aggressive Student
The Wounded Victim
(and more .. and probably multiple archetypes at once)

I´ll use the ´Wounded Victim´ example in this article.

Now someone coming up with a wounded backstory, scars and a bleeding heart is someone I would have a lot more sympathy for.

That creates an entry point. (Tends to be the ´hook´ for most empaths and sensitives)

Now a person may have multiple reasons to present themselves in this form:

(1) They might really just want some help to get out of the situation they are in. Which is cool. No one is an island and everyone has – at a different point in their journey – needed the counsel of another. I don´t like these parts of the journey, personally (tend to be the self-sufficient kind), but they are what keeps you humble – and – they also show you who your friends are. That being said, being wounded does not mean you have to present yourself as a victim. There are other ways of doing it.

(2) They might want to carry on an old pattern of co-dependent behavior, where they receive the help of another and prefer to stay in the role of recipient. Sometimes they can try to invert the dynamic by appearing to be the martyr, caretaker, etc. This creates a pattern of pedestalization and disempowerment and the hooks tend to arise from sympathy, empathy, pity and/or guilt. Not particularly healthy in the long-run, but there tends to be no real directed malice behind it. Much like a leech you pick up. It´s kinda sad, really. And if left unchecked, creates its own version of hell.

(3) They´re a wolf in sheep´s clothing. By creating an emotional connection with you, they open the backdoor to psychic predation. Here the connection crosses over the fine line of co-dependent to purely parasitic.

Without caring about consequences to your person, the attacking entity or consciousness wreaks havoc on your system and makes you feel numb, blocked, confused, etc. so that you become easier to feed off from. You begin to question your own thoughts, and feel the need to be subservient to another. You may even feel a sense of loss or a hidden cost in the exchange you cannot put your finger on. This is a lot more aggressive in nature.

A very key part of the process is where you feel the person doing the hooking wants to have sustained access to your energetic field. It´s unlikely to be a one-off kind of thing in these cases.

That is where you bring in the big guns. The violet flame, calling in AA Michael, cord cutting, salt baths, mantras, crystal grids and the like.

Very often, this is the same type of game played in the (now classic) narcissist-empath dynamic. Sometimes the person who reaches out for help does not even know why they´re doing what they are doing, or that they are doing it. These categories are not absolute and they can coexist simultaneously. But that´s a deeper question for elsewhere.

Bear in mind that forms of energetic predation do not only come through the veneer of vulnerability, but equally the mask of false wisdom or even the sweet promise of redemption.

Different hooks work for different people. Irrespective of which, one of the first places they go to are the centers for perception.

Which is why – Using logic to analyze words, actions and emotions does not help much there. When you can´t see straight, finding your orientation is a maddening, frustrating experience. Energetic solutions tend to be far more effective as a first port of call. Much less confusing.

And then … when you call shit out for what it is … it tends to be far more effective.

When seeking out an energyworker who can help, make sure that this person does not share your same vulnerabilities, unless of course they have learnt from the experience and now know how to not fall into the same traps. Otherwise they are likely to miss it.

* * *

Suggested Tools / Perspectives:

For gemstone tools, I would recommend reading Judy Hall´´s Crystal Prescriptions Series (esp Vol 5). She suggests Flint and Novaculite, amongst other things.

In terms of essential oils, I would recommend Black Pepper, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Clove and Eucalyptus – always remember to research before use.

In terms of self work – you have got to want to relieve yourself from the hook and be ready to be without it. It isn´t a popular idea, but it is true.

Sometimes we stay hooked because it accesses a part of our psyche that is unacknowledged and/or vulnerable. Sometimes we may feel so unworthy that we may believe that is what we deserve. Sometimes the hook masks an ever deeper fear, like the fear of being alone. Sometimes we romanticize it as Love or pedestalize it as Divine Will. And so on.

If the psyche is not ready for the work, any form of external intervention is at best temporary. You´ll find yourself re-hooked, but perhaps with a different iteration of the same archetype. And that comes back down to lower-chakra work.

* * *

Given the Mars-Saturn/Galactic Center Opposition coming up, I find it likely that many will have to face the hook of False Prophet / Narcissistic Teacher or the The False Student / The Passive Agressively Humble . Article here:

Last but not Least,

Remember though that sometimes a sheep is just a sheep 🙂 And .. sometimes it is not …

People may be exactly what they appear to be. And they may not. It´s all context-specific.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

* * *

P.S. – Huge hug and shoutout to my buddy Marsha and my brother Ashoka for thinking this through with me.

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Post ©  Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: Walter-crane-little-red-riding-hood-meets-the-wolf-in-the-woods.jpg, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I may be going through this currently. I’ve felt little warnings coming from within me regarding choices now available to me. My solution lies in connecting within myself. Inner strength required, Hope and Understanding. We are all One, yet must come to the Truth individually. Conscious Choice is indicated.
    Thank you for this posting.


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