What Not To Do In Spiritual Facilitation & Moving into Carebear Consciousness

We began by talking about some of the signs that a particular modality of work or approach to facilitation might not be for you.

And it is okay to recognize this. It is important to recognize this.

Over time, we develop different relationships with teachers, facilitators, belief systems and modalities.

It does not remain static. Nor should it.

For no one’s truth is absolute and destiny is not written in stone.

Apparently, quite a few of you have been experiencing the dissonance of not being seen, or being seen through the lenses of another’s own projected fears and insecurities.

This is unsurprising given the astrology of the time and provides us a useful guideline as to understand the road are on and what it is and what it is not about.

The best example I can think of to explain what’s going on is the moment the angels are described to descend to Earth and the first thing they have to say to the shepherds who first see them is (basically): Chill out! We’re the good guys, don’t panic! We just look different from what you’re used to!

It’s all about perspectives and the wavelength at which a person is at.

If a person is not used to viewing a particular frequency, something benevolent can be interpreted very differently, thus creating the karma of a false narrative.

It’s not about being higher or lower as much as – do you speak that energetic language or not?

People projecting their own narratives out there will not like being called out on it and will likely turn that back on you. If your instincts are screaming out at the dissonance, speak up. Doesn’t matter who it is.

This is an important time where we need to protect the heart from energies that seek to weave it into spaces and dramas that we do not need to experience, for so many of us re-hash the same patterns again and again and again.

Your job is to keep walking your truth and saying no to old patterns.

Don’t be afraid to challenge a negative or misaligned narrative about you when presented by another. Sometimes it is something you have to consider, and sometimes it’s another person’s fear or inability to see you for who you are.

Once you get a misaligned narrative in your head, you have to do some work to undo it. You do not owe anyone that headspace.

It’s not fun, but experiences like this certainly bring you back to your heart and truth. Stay in that truth and trust the love that is in your heart.

You do not owe anyone the sanctity of that innermost chamber in which Spirit blooms.

But be sure to stay discerning – as it is all to easy to drink the Kool-Aid, be it your own or another’s.

We talk about what this looks like in practice and then shift the discussion to what’s going on with people 🙂

Which is where the energy of this density begins to shift.

It begins with the shift between the Piscean understanding of spirituality and consciousness and into the Aquarian mode and how that reads for the concept of unconditional love and practice.

And continues into how we stand in alignment and move through a dense world.

Through our collective work, by the end of it, as a group we moved into Carebear Consciousness. 😀 😀 😀

That brings you back to yourself.

Without all the hoo-hah of the pedestal.

What we do here is about moving through those frequencies and into spaces of acknowledgement and deep connection.

In times like this, that is potent magic.

Enjoy! Laugh! Smile!

And get on with it 😉

Dr Bairavee

Contributions: www.paypal.me/theskypriestess

Sessions: www.theskypriestess.as.me

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