CELESTIAL DYNAMICS: 13-18 January 2015 [mystic rectangle in the skies]

Mystic Rectangle

Blessings to all,

Today, I’m going to describe some of the celestial dynamics present in the sky, from the astrological perspective. At present, we have a Mystic Rectangle in the skies (Jan 13-Jan 18 2015), formed by the North Node in Libra, Venus nearly conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, Juno Retrograde in Leo and Uranus / South Node in Aries. Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs, whilst Leo and Aries are Fire signs – referring to of  intellectual / detached / mental energies (Air) and passion / inspiration / drive (Fire) components. Fire/Air is generally associated with the Masculine, but bear in mind that this too is a form of stereotyping. There are intuitive, emotional, compassionate forms of the Divine Masculine just as there are fiery, detached, martial forms of the Divine Feminine.

Mystic Rectangles in general represent a fairly stable flow of energy, less stressful than Crosses and T-Squares, less chaotic than Yods and more directed than Grand Trines. They create a strong bridge between complementary energies (Fire/Air or Water/Earth) and provide a stable structure for energy to flow through.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Those with natal placements near 13 Sagittarius _ and_ 13 Libra  (between 6-20 degrees of either sign, +/- 7 degree orbs) will experience this as a GRAND SEXTILE: The Divine Seal of Manifestation and Protection **

At present, the Mystic Rectangle in the sky blends the following energies:

North Node in Libra – a new, unfamiliar direction for soul growth when seeking a deeper, more authentic form of Balance. Balance does not mean the erasure of that which is uncomfortable, it is acceptance and integration of diverse energies within / of the Self. We are asked to honestly look at ourselves and the shadow (unknown) aspects of our being brought forth in interactions with others. We are also asked to take responsibility for the kinds of vibrations we bring into partnerships (personal and professional) at a far deeper level of awareness now, than say, pre-2012.

South Node / Uranus in Aries – a familiar position of self-awareness, and the needs of the Self, bringing forth karmic dynamics which challenge self-focus by tempering it with the need to respect and honor the will/presence/dreams of the Other (Libra). Uranus refers to the awakening process that can come through the culminated experiences of previous lives (especially with the South Node in play), triggered at this time as powerful revelations of the Truth of Self.

Juno Retrograde in Leo – The energy of a soulmate / person / experience who opens you up to the totality of yourself, particularly those aspects of Self connected with the Mysteries of the Feminine. This person or experience can come through romantic encounters, creative expressions, working and interacting with younger people / children – any experience, in fact, linked with the energies of the Swadishthana Chakra / Sacral Chakra. Many will be opening themselves to receive the Wisdom of the Feminine in ways that may help them reach into and heal wounded aspects of one’s inner child.

Venus (nearly) conjunct Mercury in Aquarius – Both planets bridge the energies of desire, manifestation, sensuality and attachment (Venus) with the energy of the Mind, intellect, voice and ability of perception, analysis and self-expression (Mercury). By refining our perceptions and learning to express what we want, we are better able to tap into vibrations of abundance and manifestation, and potentially shed light on relationship dynamics. In Aquarius, these energies focus upon the awakening process that all of us are a part of. As we tap into collective consciousness, and – for some – begin to directly download information from Source via the ‘Higher Mind’, we begin to see how we are (simultaneously) connected and unique vessels of Consciousness at the same time. We might find innovative ways to manifest solutions in areas related to friendships, altruistic causes, electronic networks and work that raises the collective vibration.

Taken together, the Mystic Rectangle creates a powerful, stable, energetic dynamic which gives us an opportunity to play our role in the transformation of collective consciousness at this time – as we understand what we uniquely bring to the table and how it all comes together. This is doubly emphasized by the Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) conjunct the South Node in Aries.

Duration of the Mystic Rectangle: 6:19 pm, January 13 – 1:24 pm, January 18 2015

The double yod, double T-Squares I wrote about previously are still in effect in the skies, for more info – see: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-gK

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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