The Final Lessons of Saturn-in-Scorpio … Preparing for Rebirth


Saturn has one day left before it leaves Scorpio (till 2041) – and so many are already feeling the powerful, intense, currents and ripples of change it brings in its wake. We’re headed for the mountaintop (Sagittarius) next, but first we’ve got to complete the work down below – in the Underworld, the Sub-Conscious, the place we Descended into and found ourselves stripped and laid bare of our illusions, fears, insecurities and inauthenticity. We’ve already taken the steps towards the entrance of the cave, leaving behind the teachers of the realms beneath.

So many now are in their metaphysical death throes before re-birthing into a new cycle of being, a new level of awareness – whilst others are sailing smoothly under the pressure of such immense energy.

Many of you know what you’re feeling, enduring, living through or even soaring through (depending on your individual journey) – and what you’re at the cusp of emerging into. But the question is –

What do you with all this intense energy? What lessons do the final days of Saturn-in-Scorpio ask us to complete and embody?

For starters –

Honor your Commitments. Ensure fair dealings or exchanges.
Finish off things that you’d been putting off.
Be honest in your dealings.
Be charitable, if you are able.
Believe that you have the strength within to rise to the challenge.
Be authentic. Never compromise on your core values.
If your core values no longer resonate, change your core values.
Be truthful. Represent yourself with honesty and integrity.
Cut away, or simply walk away from anything that no longer resonates.
You owe no one and no thing an explanation.

But above all,

Remember your power and use it well.

Many have asked me ‘when does the process end’. And in all truth, growth never does. We simply experience new phases of it.

We’re going to see several major cosmic/astrological alignments in the coming weeks, through which time a new ‘normal’ will begin to assert itself in your realities. We began the process long ago, powered by the generation-transforming Uranus-Pluto squares, peaking with the Grand Cardinal Cross in mid-2014 and the Saturn-in-Scorpio transit (itself in mutual reception with Pluto-in-Capricorn) between 2012-2015.

So there really isn’t any going back, in terms of the levels of consciousness or the doors of awakening we’re about to step into.

For those looking for more specific, human-timeframe-dates, here’s a couple of key markers (earlier dates for the US/South America, later dates for Asia/Australia):

Mercury Retrograde Begins, Jupiter/Neptune opposition, Juno enters Libra – Sept 16/17

Saturn’s actual shift in Sagittarius – Sept 17/18  Exact time: 02:46:04 hours:minutes:seconds on September 18, 2015  in UTC

Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Sept 27/28
Mercury Retrograde ends – October 8/9
North Node’s shift into Virgo, leaving Libra – Oct 9/10

These will be fairly intense times that will speed up the process of death-to-rebirth. I suspect more people will be settling into the ‘new normal’ towards in the final week of October 2015, as Mercury exits its shadow phase.

Astrologically speaking, there are few periods of human history in the past few decades that – as far as I know of – have been anywhere near as intense as what we’ve been going through for the past three years.

So please – Be gentle on yourselves, those of you who are still letting go of whatever that no longer serves you. It could be your desires, attachments, fears, shadows, intimate partnerships, finances – whatever your personal journey of awakening has entailed.

It’s been a rough, rough, transit for so many….

Some of you will sleep loads, others will be buzzing like Duracell bunnies – don’t bother with comparisons, simply honor the time you have now – alive, awake and at the precipice of eventful transformation.

You’ll have the time you need to grieve what has been released. Practice gratitude for the lessons you’ve learnt and prepare to set sail for new horizons …

Can you feel the breeze yet?
The whiff of fresh air that so many parts of you have yearned for?
Can you feel the rays of the Light on your face?

It’s right around the corner.

Finally, a new Chapter – about to begin.

Love, Blessings and Honor to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Dragon Storm.jpg – From ; NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute- public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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Birthing a New Reality: The Penultimate Push – THE SUN-IN-LEO SQUARES SATURN-IN-SCORPIO FOR THE LAST TIME UNTIL 2042 (August 21, 2015)


This upcoming Sun-Saturn square is the penultimate test, or intense energetic peak that we will experience with Saturn-in-Scorpio, before it finishes its transit and then enters Sagittarius. The next time we see a Leo Sun squaring Saturn in Scorpio will be at 0 degrees of both signs, in July 2042. Truly, we’re close to turning the last page before the end of our current chapter of conscious(ness) (r)evolution.

The Sun/Saturn square goes exact at 28 Leo/Scorpio ’35 on the 21st of August at 23:40 (UTC), so in about one-and-a-half days from now.

The Sun represents the focus of one’s consciousness and/or vital energies. In Leo, it concerns itself with matters of the heart, creativity, sensuality, children and our ability to express our passions, vulnerabilities and joys. In short, Leo’s focus is on that which makes us come alive – be it through the celebration of life, or the awakening that pain can bring to a consciousness that has numbed itself to sensation (or both)! Very often these awakenings directly involve, awaken and/or trigger the parts of ourselves which we call our Inner Child. Chakra-wise, I associate it with the Heart (4th / Anahata) and Sacral (2nd / Swadishthana) energy.

Saturn is the karmic taskmaster whose lessons of maturity lead us to discover the strength, discipline and focus we have within to achieve our goals and attain a certain level of mastery. It is the energy of Absolute Authority, which I also link with the Earth-Crone (Grandmother Archetype). Saturn’s tests are ones that help us mature and come through construction, restriction and often manifest through interactions with established authorities/upholders of the status quo. The energy of Saturn is also linked with institutions of power (which have power only because we see them as such), e.g. governments and banks. At a personal level, we experience Saturn through the form of the disciplining parent/grandparent.

It isn’t always a bad thing as wisdom that knows true maturity need not abuse its power, but rather act as a stable foundation for further generations which will ultimately outgrow that very structure. In some sense, the brilliance of Saturn comes through which one realizes it is really not about ‘reaching the top’, but getting there and holding the gates (of Aquarius, consciousness, etc.) open for others to walk through.

Achieving that level of maturity, where status and authority are less about the ego-comforts of being recognized, but rather, the task of holding a momentary structure in place that future generations at first grow upon, then eventually replace – is what Saturn seeks to teach us, now in the sign of Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio is quite literally in its final days, with its shift into Sagittarius on September 18, 2015 at 2:46 am (UTC). Saturn began its transit in Scorpio in 2012 and will not return to this sign until 2041.

At 28 Scorpio, Saturn’s pressure and tests feel more and more intense by the minute. It’s pushing our revolve, testing our staying-power, our commitment, our focus upon a long-term plan or decision – and to stick with it. For most, it will involve the energetic allocation of resources, boundaries of sexuality and intimacy, the appropriate use of power, clearing ancestral karmic lineages and matters generally concerned with the realms of the sub-conscious and/or the Shamanic understanding of The Underworld.

I associate Scorpio’s energies with the Sacral and Base (1st, Mooladhara) Chakra. Saturn’s energies involve the Will of the Solar Plexus (3rd, Manipura) Chakra, ideally working in alignment with the Vision of the Third Eye (6th, Ajna) and the Detachment of the Crown (7th, Sahasrara).

Much is being wrapped up now, energetically, and the Sun-Saturn square is one of the final tests that this Saturn-in-Scorpio energy will ask us to face. We’re likely to feel far greater intensity as the shift actually happens (mid-Sept), but this will be one of its final energetic peaks.

So – what might this square feel like? What can one do about it?

With the Sun squared Saturn coming up, I see this as the potential clash between the Child and Authority/Parent/Grandparent Archetype. There is a need to express the Joy of the Self and its Vulnerability, alongside a need to channel that energy in a disciplined form that will honor your energetic boundaries and allow you to set the foundation for something long-lasting. I suspect, for many, this placement will seal the deal as it were on the decision to marry, break away from marriage or other long-term romantic/sexual commitments – perhaps even those involving having/ adopting / working with children or creative endeavours.

On the one hand – You might just surprise yourself at how powerfully and passionately you commit to something, or someone. Leo and Scorpio both experience vulnerability in different ways, and both equally open different paths to healing and wholeness. The tender hug of a Child can soften a resentful Grandparent; the touch of a Lover and soothe wounded pride. Rather than seeing things as a ‘fight’ or a ‘battle of wills’, focus on what is shared – especially when dealing with significant partnerships.

And on the other hand – You might discover that your feelings, emotions, energy and vulnerability is truly-and-genuinely being taken for granted. What then? Bear in mind that Leo, the Lion breathes and Roars with Fire – Scorpio guides the Fire-Bird to its depths so that it may perish and be re-born… There is nothing lacking in your ability to set your boundaries, stare your invaders in the eye and ROAR! Let the scavengers flee as you stand in your presence, regal, confident, powerful and comfortable in your Being.

Which response you need (possibly both) depends on your situation – these are generalized suggestions.

Those with placements near 28 Aquarius and/or Taurus will experience this as a Fixed T-Square or Grand Fixed Cross. Remember to stay flexible whilst staying true to what you resonate with. Bear in mind that the central theme here is how you deal with Fixed Energy – Energy that wants to hold onto something, preserve something, maintain a structure for what it was.

Indeed – holding onto what feels true to you may indeed be an act of reclaiming your authenticity, but it can just as well be the ego’s way of defending itself – by being obstinate and reluctant to change, adapt or evolve. Only you can tell that difference for yourself in your actions and responses to this incredibly intense square.

By nature, squares are fairly tense alignments – and they can generally lead to a sense of pressure and stress. But bear in mind that it is that exact pressure that transforms a piece of coal into diamond – and in that same vein – it is that exact kind of stressful ‘push’ that accompanies the inception, conception and culmination of Birth.

Some of you will enjoy the feeling, and others will feel it as pain – both responses are equally valid and equally powerful.

So it boils down to one question:

What are you Birthing into Being at this time?

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Image: RCW 86.jpg – NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA via Wikimedia Commons, public domain image



Saturn first entered Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and left (moving into Sagittarius) on Dec 23, 2014. By way of its Retrograde (apparent backwards motion), it re-entered Scorpio on June 14, 2015 and will turn direct on August 1, 2015. It will finally complete its tour of Scorpio on September 17, 2015 – not to return to this sign untill November 11, 2041!

During the Retrograde phase (June 14 – Aug 1, 2015), Saturn will transit between 29 ‘ 59 degrees Scorpio till 28 ’17 Scorpio. We first experienced Saturn at these degrees between 6/7 December 2014 December 23, 2014. Look back to this two-week period and have a look at the life-changes that took place in that time. Also bear in mind that we had the Solstice, Uranus Stationing Direct (ending its Retrograde) and a powerful Capricorn New Moon (whose fruits we are about to reap circa 1-2 July, 2015). You can refer to this post for reference on the astrology/energy of that time:…/capricorn-new-moon-22…/

Also bear in mind that the 6 out of 7th exact Uranus-Pluto square took place on 15th December 2014 – as well.

I remember feeling, back then, that … this wasn’t going to be the end of the energy, activity, change, breakdown, breakthrough and transformations we were going through then. I had a sense they would return for further acknowledgement, processing and re-integration (or release, if appropriate) into the psyche.

It was an absolutely intense phase of birth-death-rebirth, affecting us in powerfully deep ways, often leading to the un-burdening of older, ancestral ties and karmic connections. We learnt about the merger of energy, the necessary boundaries that we require to protect that which is truly authentic and sacred to us, and when these intimate boundaries deserve to be lowered, softened or merged into by worthy partners (be in work, or personal life).

And it’s time to look at those cycles once more. Some of us may have completed the ‘death’ phase of such cycles, but not experienced the Phoenix-like rebirth from the ashes. We’re likely to see that happening, especially after August 1st this year.

Whilst Saturn is considered a ‘malefic’ in traditional astrology, I believe the more empowering way to view it as a the ‘teacher of tough love’. Whilst its lessons can be tough, life-changing, and unusually intense – it does bring you rewards for lessons well learnt. There is the possibility of mastering the lesson and becoming an authority in whatever area / aspect of life it affects for you. This is the teacher that lets you learn through constriction, pressure and limitation – the stern taskmaster/grandfather figure that asks you to sit up straight and pay attention!

Generally speaking – Saturn in Scorpio deals with 8th house issues such as power, sexuality, the way we share resources (such as finances, etc.) It questions our place of deep truth and inner authenticity. It questions our motivations and methods for getting things done in the world, and asks us to wield the power of the Scorpion as a force for healing, rather than abuse.

Scorpio’s energy is also associated with medical issues, healing, surgery, sexual issues, ancestral and karmic dynamics (and a bunch of other things). You can get a sense of what it entails in this Introduction to Scorpio I wrote a while back:…/part-1-introducing-sc…/

Those with 28-29 Scorpio in the following houses will see the emphasis on:

THE 1ST HOUSE – their physical body, their conscious persona, personality, and self-perception.

THE 2ND HOUSE – their finances, material value systems, connectedness with the material/sensorial world, including the Mama-Gaia construct/energy

THE 3RD HOUSE – their early childhood conditioning, mental-intellectual constructs, communication, self-presentation, siblings, everyday surroundings

THE 4TH HOUSE – family, home, material anchoring to this plane, cultural/familial/domestic traditions and habits, emotions and intuition, 1st layer of the sub-conscious. Mother Archetype

THE 5TH HOUSE – Sensuality, sexuality, passion, joy for life, authenticity, creativity, self-expression, love/romance, children, Sacral / Swadishtana Chakra Energy

THE 6TH HOUSE – Daily work, habits, routines, rituals, Path of Service (Priest/essing) and your general sense of health and well-being.

THE 7TH HOUSE – Partnerships, gateway to the Shadow (Unknown Self), Collaborations, your Blind Spots in the way you perceive yourself, Legal and contractual matters.

THE 8TH HOUSE – Deep karmic/ancestral work, Underworld/Deep subconscious archetypes and energies, Shamanic work, sharing financial/other resources from others (mergers of energies, alimony payments, tax returns etc.). Can sometimes indicate health issues requiring surgery (but not always).

THE 9TH HOUSE – Long-distance travel, higher education, academia, religious institutions or structured/legitimated sources of authority and knowledge, philosophy, mental horizons. Can indicate a higher risk of accidents due to reckless or erratic behavior.

THE 10TH HOUSE – Career, legacy, status, reputation, prestige, social accolades, social standing, accomplishment. Be aware with your relationships with higher-ups at the workplace, governmental or other figures/institutions of authority.

THE 11TH HOUSE – Friendships, altruistic networks, individual gifts, collective consciousness raising, electronic/social media/forums, intelligence/brilliance/genius, breakthroughs of consciousness, new ideas / innovation

THE 12TH HOUSE – Connection with the Collective Unconscious, mystical/transcendental experiences, otherworldly planes, connections ‘beyond the veil’, karmic / past-life experiences, etc. Get plenty of sleep and ensure you matain a sound place of mental balance – vitamin B complex and gingo biloba are supplements that can help. Can sometimes indicate a place of confinement (hospitals, prisons, retreats, etc). – or simply hermitage/isolation.

To make the full use of that information, you need to find our where 28/29 Scorpio is in your natal chart, i.e. which house it is in. You can find out more using websites like or – but bear in mind that getting it looked at by a professional astrologer is a more reliable way of making sure you get the right house placements.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

** Please note that the information here is not intended to replace the advice / guidance of a professional medical, psychological or other health-care expert. This is simply general guidance, so please use your common sense when interpreting and acting on this information. Everyone’s chart is different, and this is but a general guide to understanding this particular transit.

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.
Image: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute